Hey, single mommas and single mom champions. If you are a woman who is ready to thrive and not just survive this journey of single motherhood and have more money and a richer life to boot, you’re in the right place.

I’m a 20-year single mom veteran. I got divorced almost 10 years ago…whew!!! But it was for the best for all involved or I would be in jail now. I think I serve the world and amazing women like you better by NOT being behind bars…but that’s another story.

Since you are here I might as well tell you about why I started this blog almost 10 years ago (2008 to be exact). Encouraging, empowering, and inspiring solo mom is my jam! I’m all about teaching you how to kick crappy life circumstances in the balls and creating your own circumstances instead! Okay, that might seem a bit much but it’s the truth… I’m just saying.

So here you are; a single mom, who maybe broke up with or got divorced from a man or decide to have a baby before the bio clock hit the stroke of midnight.  And here I am, a seasoned single mom who is here to share my advice and point you to the best resources for handling (and making more) money, parenting your kids guilt-free like a ninja, and developing the strength it takes to make it through this journey without choking the life out of your ex, your kids, or just offing yourself because you just can’t take one more minute of this life. Seriously, don’t hurt yourself; you are much too important to the world.

So welcome to my world and prepare to be pushed, pulled, cajoled, and bribed into taking control of your financial future and creating the life you deserve (even if you don’t know what it looks like yet)!

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