How to Start and Setup a Profitable Niche Blog for Under $100

How to Start and Setup a Profitable Niche Blog for Under $100

Welcome to my quick blog setup guide

We are living in a time when anyone can become an entrepreneur and make money on the web. Blogging is one of many ways to do this and is one of the easiest ways to bring in some mad money. I get asked all the time, “What is a blog and how do I start one?” The next question is, “how can I make money just writing about my life on a website?”

The most important question is, “what will I talk or write about?” For single moms the topics are endless. You can talk about your struggles and triumphs. You can discuss your finances like Emma Johnson does over at Wealthy Single Mommy. If you have a pet project or pets you can blog about them. If you have goals that you are trying to reach blog, about it. If it’s about your quest to buy a house, a car, or start or finish college, write about that. If you are recovering from an abusive relationship, blog about your journey or, if you just got engaged blog about the wedding plans.

It’s best that your topic stays pretty focused so that your readers know what to expect and so that potential sponsors can target its advertising on your site. Focusing the content of your site also helps you in creating new posts and makes you something of an expert in your subject matter. Planning your content around a focal point gives you a lot of ideas to work with and expand on. It also cuts down on confusion and writer’s block.

Adding different elements to your blog to make it interactive is essential for getting people to come back. So is updating your blog regularly (at least once a week).

After you have written a few entries on your blog you will want the world to know about it. There are several ways to accomplish this goal.

  • Submit your blog to blog directories, more specifically directories that fall within your topic range.
  • Promote your post on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channels.
  • Add metadata to your blog template (it’s not hard) so that the search engines can find it.
  • Speaking of search engines, be sure to add tags to your post each time and use keywords within your post that people normally search.

There is a lot more to blogging but with these basics, you can have one up and running in no time. 

If you have been contemplating starting a blog or website your timing couldn’t be better. Blogs are a perfect way to share your passion with the world and make money too.

But how do you start a blog?

That is one of the biggest questions I get when I tell people that I’ve been blogging for years. Here is how to set your blog/ website up in four steps:

Blog Setup Step 1 – Decide on Your Niche or Focus

FirmBee / Pixabay

The first step is to decide what you want to share with the world. Is it a hobby, your experience as a single mom, specialty cooking, your profession, or how much you love travel, dogs, or playing darts.

A blog can be about anything you want it to be about. With that being said you also want to decide if your topic is something other people want to read about or are researching.

Even though you have a blog, it is not guaranteed that if you build it they will come. Your topic does need to have some appeal so people will visit. Those visitors can turn into clients or customers.

Click here to start the blog setup process

Blog Setup Step 2 – Get a Domain Name

Blog setup guide

Sophieja23 / Pixabay

Now that you know what you are going to blog about the next step is to get it set up. You will need a place for your blog to live.

You can create a blog pretty easily on a free site like blogger or and be up and running, but you will have a few limitations.

If you plan to make money I recommend setting up your blog so you own it outright. It is like you own the property instead of having to pay to play.

The first thing you need is a domain name. With a Blogger or site, your blog name will be something like or Very different from

Go for originality and get your own domain name. I love because they always have special and discounts. You can get a domain name for $.99 sometimes. When it’s time to renew you will have to pay full price but $.99 for a year is a great way to see how you like your blog and the entire process.

Blog Setup Step 3 – Get Website Hosting

The next thing you need is a place for your blog to live. It’s called a hosting site.

Most websites and blogs live on a hosted server. I won’t go into all the technical details but that is how it is unless you have your own private server which can get expensive. So get your hosting through a reputable company.

This blog,, has been hosted on for the last seven years or so. I haven’t had any issues with them and they have always helped me when I needed them.

Why can’t I use a free blogging service? Why set up a blog on your own server?

You could set up a free blog on or and it could look very nice. But you would be at the mercy of someone else’s whims. If they don’t like what you put on your blog they could shut you down and you’d lose all your hard work in an instant.

In the case of, you are not allowed to place ads or products to make money on your site. You cannot put Adsense or any other money generating ad networks on your blog.

With your own WordPress blog that is hosted on your server, you own everything and never have to worry about being shut down or limiting your money generating activities.

Here are the steps to set up your Hostgator website hosting service:

Choose Your Domain Name

If you have a domain name already you can skip this part

Choose your plan

I recommend you choose the 36-month plan to get the most bang for your buck. You can add unlimited domains to your plan.

Enter a username and pin code to access your new account

Enter your billing information

Choose optional add-on services

You can add them now or later. You might find them useful especially if you are concerned with hacking, monitoring, or want email service from Google. Your account comes with email capability so you don’t really need this part.

Enter a coupon code (if applicable)

If you find a coupon code online you can enter it here. It can help reduce the cost of your hosting. Check or to see if they have a code.

Review Your Order

You can see here that a 36-month plan can be less than $100! That is an amazing bargain for online real estate. Yes you are now the proud owner of prime internet real estate. Congratulations!

Read the fine print

Your hosting price is an introductory price. The renewal price may be a bit higher, but by that time you will have an extremely profitable niche blog! 😉 Click to accept the terms and then you are ready to check out.


Check Out

Click the check out button to make your purchase. You will receive an email with your account information and login details.

Click here to start your profitable niche blog set up

Blog Setup Step 4 – Install WordPress (for free)

Once you have your hosting company, the next step is connecting your domain name to the hosting company.

You might be wondering why you can’t get them all in one place. You actually can, but I don’t recommend it. As a best practice, keep your domain name and hosting separate. You maintain more control over everything.

Now you are ready to point your domain name to your hosting. Go to the email you got from Hostgator and copy the Nameserver information to notepad. You will need that information to update the Nameserver.

You can watch the video below to see how to connect your domain name to Hostgator.


Now that you have your domain name and hosting connected it’s time for the fun part.

You will now install WordPress for your blog. It all happens in the back office of your hosting service.

Here is a video that shows you have to install WordPress.


Now that it’s installed you can begin to blog when you log into your blog’s admin area. Ready? Set. Go!

Blog Setup Action Steps:

  • Get your domain name
  • Get your blog hosting
  • Set up WordPress
  • Start Blogging

Blog Set Up Step 5 – Make Money

make money blogging

NikolayF / Pixabay

Now that you have your blog set up it’s time to think about how to make money from it. Here are three ways you can start making money from you blog:

1.Review and Recommend Products

When you build an audience you can begin reviewing and recommending products. Set up an Amazon Associates account and then link the products you recommend and get paid a commission when people click on the item.

2. Sell Products

If you are creative you can sell your own products. It can be t-shirts, crafts, jewelry, or something else. Set up a Gumroad or Shopify seller account to sell your goods or services.

3. Sell services

Depending on your blog theme you may be able to sell consulting services. You might offer virtual assistant, social media management, or coaching services.

It’s completely up to you to decide what will work for you.

Does this feel overwhelming? If so, you should check out my Free WordPress Setup offer. I will set up your blog for you on an easy to use template. Click Here to request this service now.

Are you ready to start a blog? What will you blog about? How will you make money from it? I’d love to know so do me a favor and leave a comment below.

5 Side Gigs That Will Help You Pay for College

5 Side Gigs That Will Help You Pay for College

5 Side Gigs That Will Help You Pay for College

Let’s face it — college is expensive. Whether you’re still in school trying to pay for textbooks and housing, a professional facing your student loans or a parent saving for your child’s future tuition, the cost of an education can result in debt that looms for decades. More people are finding that full-time jobs are not even beginning to cover the costs. Today’s side gig economy and sharing economy offers many different avenues to supplement your budget and ease the burden of education-related expenses, all while providing flexibility and self-determinant hours.

Drive for a ride-sharing service

5 Side Gigs That Will Help You Pay for College driving for uber lyft

ArtsyBee / Pixabay

Do you have a car, auto insurance and some spare time? Ride-sharing apps, like Uber and Lyft, offer an opportunity to make quick cash by driving riders in your local area, using your own vehicle. Drivers work as independent contractors and receive a payment based off of how many hours or miles are logged each week. “They make it extremely easy to make quick money if I need it,” says Aidan Monheim, a student at the University of Massachusetts-Boston who drives for Lyft in his spare time to earn money for utilities and other bills. “It allows me to be flexible around my classes and earn money without working a set number of hours a week.”

Rent your room

5 Side Gigs That Will Help You Pay for College renting your guest bedroom as a side gig

JamesDeMers / Pixabay

Another “side-gig” opportunity that is gaining popularity is the home-sharing industry. Apps like Airbnb and HomeAway connect would-be travelers with locals willing to rent out rooms, or their entire home. Simply list your place on the site, and screen candidates based on your preferences. By listing your residence during peak travel times and arranging to stay with friends or family, renters can earn supplemental income for their education, with very little effort.

Become a direct seller

Direct selling provides a flexible opportunity for people to make additional income on their own terms, and within their own networks. Take Nakul Arora, for example, who became an Amway Independent Business Owner to help pay for business school. Amidst earning his degree, working full time as an accountant, and studying for professional certifications, 25-year-old Nakul worked his direct selling business in the evenings. “I saved every penny I earned through my Amway business to help pay for my education,” says Nakul. By joining a successful company like Amway, a global leader in direct selling, you can share and sell high-quality products to your friends, co-workers and colleagues to earn additional income. The unique flexibility of direct selling offers an opportunity for you to work as little or as often as you want, around traditional day jobs, classes, family, or other responsibilities.

Work for a home services company

5 Side Gigs That Will Help You Pay for College repairing handy man woman to make extra money

Merylin / Pixabay

Often described as the services used by those with more time than money, apps like TaskRabbit, Handy, Thumbtack and HomeJoy offer opportunities to get paid for home cleaning and maintenance work. Seemingly simple tasks, such as cleaning a home, mowing a lawn or assembling a piece of furniture can run up to $50 an hour. And the best part? Like Uber, direct selling and other gig economy services, you work on your own terms and can make your own schedule around studying, work or other commitments.

Sell your old stuff

5 Side Gigs That Will Help You Pay for College sale junk at yard sale to make extra money from home for single moms who need cash quickly

mermyhh / Pixabay

Is your closet piling up with unwanted clothes and shoes? Maybe you have spare furniture cluttering your storage space, or a drawer full of old electronics. Why not turn your clutter into cash? Apps like ThredUp, PoshMark and LetGo offer opportunities to sell your stuff in an auction-like setting, and do all the work for you — simply list your items, watch them get purchased and place them in a shipping bag that is provided by the company. Selling old items is an easy and painless way to make extra money for tuition, textbooks, or loans. (BPT)

Get Paid Great Money to be a Dog Sitter

Get Paid Great Money to be a Dog Sitter

Make extra money as a dog sitter with If you love dogs you can make money as a dog sitter in your home or theirs. Rated positively by Yelp and the Animal Humane society

Earn  $2,000-$5,000/month

From the website:


  • Great Income Rover sitters earn $25-$60 per night for each dog they watch, and can easily earn $2,000-$5,000/month. Plus, we’ll handle all the billing and payments for you.
  • You’re in Control You set your schedule. You choose your rates. Watch dogs in your home or in your client’s home–whichever you prefer.
  • Tools for Success Launch your dog-sitting business. Rover gives you the tools to succeed and advertises to continually bring in new clients.
  • Support We’ve got your back. Every stay booked through Rover includes complimentary premium insurance, and the Rover support team is always ready to help.
  • Adorable Dogs Getting paid to play with dogs? Yes, please! Many Rover sitters left stressful careers to become dog sitters. Earn money doing what you love.


Single Mom Makes a Living Dog Sitting

Read about a single mom who is making ends meet from dog sitting:

Earn even more by offering dog training, dog treats, dog outfits, and healthy dog recipes. This side business has great potential of becoming a full-time opportunity. You will be able to make your own schedule, be there for the kids, and enjoy the work you do every single day!

Earn $5 with Square Cash App

Earn $5 with Square Cash App

Every now and then I come across a cool deal for some quick cash! Today I found out that I can send you $5 simply by texting you a message. Yes it sounds crazy but I got $5 deposited into my bank account just by texting a friend of mine.

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How the Square Cash App Referral Works

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Square Cash lets you send money to and receive money from anyone with a registered phone number or email address via your linked debit card from your bank account.

I love how quickly you get the money in your account. The transaction fee is tiny but it’s so worth it to get instant cash from family, friends, or customers.

Get Your $5 Now

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[Video] How Single Moms Can Make Money Online

Watch this video if you are curious about how to make money online with surveys, focus groups, and more. Feel free to ask me your questions about working from home or making money online. No question is dumb (just as long as it’s relevant). I’m happy to help 🙂
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Earn Money, Have Fun, and Cook Frugal Book Giveaway

Earn Money, Have Fun, and Cook Frugal Book Giveaway

Have you been thinking about starting a business but don’t know exactly where to begin?Summer E-book giveaway

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My friends and I have decided to give away one copy each of our ebooks to help you earn money, have fun, and cook great meals without breaking the bank.

Here is list of the books and the authors:

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