How to Be a Kick-Ass Single Mom w/ Emma Johnson

How to Be a Kick-Ass Single Mom w/ Emma Johnson

I had the pleasure of interviewing Emma Johnson, the author is The Kick-Ass Single Mom and founder of We talked about parenting, child support, and the importance of quality vs. quantity time with your kids.

Emma shared why she wrote the book and encourages single moms to practice radical self-care and to find their inner queen. When you own your power you can do anything you want.

This conversation is 30 minutes long so grab your coffee or tea and relax while watching or listening to us pour a bit of our power all over you!

You can buy the book at your local bookstore or in

Single Mom Support Call

Single Mom Support Call

Ask RichSingleMommaLast week there were about ten single moms on a the Ask RichSingle Momma Anything single mom support call. I had a great time talking with all of them and answering their questions.

The thing about being a single mom is there is this sense of isolation and feeling that no one understands. I’ve had many days like this where if I could just talk to someone who understood I would feel so much better. That is why I am doing these calls. We need someone to talk to about the challenges we face everyday.

The call focused mostly on financial issues but it also covered how to get through life successfully. You can check out the RichSingleMomma Facebook Page to find out everything we talked about.

Here is a video clip I did early this week about the call.

Join us this Sunday and every Sunday for the Single Mom Support call at 9pm (EST). Here is the call-in information:

Dial-in – (218) 339-2500
Enter Access Code – 1032131#

If you are unable to join the call a recording will be available later.

[RSM TV] Single Mom Financial Recovery w/ Kelly McCausey

[RSM TV] Single Mom Financial Recovery w/ Kelly McCausey

RichSingleMomma TV Kelly McCausey Interview


One of the first single moms I found online who was successfully running a business is Kelly McCausey. She was doing things that I wanted to learn how to do. In short, she was my inspiration.

Kelly took time to chat with me about being a single mom and reinventing herself once her now grown son moved out. She shared her struggle with finances for quite a while after getting divorced and the amount of debt she was in.

If you are struggling financially, Kelly will be a source of inspiration and motivation to turn things around. She shares an amazing resource she used to get out of debt. Listen in to see what it is.


Kelly now is the host of SoloSmarts radio show and owns You can get her free guide on the site.

To contact Kelly pay attention to this information:

Kelly McCausey
ph: 517-376-3247 | skype: kaleia
Twitter: @kellymccausey

Get the FREE Smart Start Guide here:

After you finish listening leave a comment below about the show. Are you struggling with your finances? Have you found a way to make more money, start a business, or get out of debt successfully? We want to know.

[RSM TV] Liz Becker Life After Split

[RSM TV] Liz Becker Life After Split

Runtime: 35 minutes

Liz Becker joins me to discuss her life after split and how she managed to get a divorce in 3 weeks! But that’s not the best part, Liz shares how she went from near poverty to prosperity because of a few key decisions she made for herself and her son.

Listen in to learn how you can get through the relationship grieving process quicker and move on with your life successfully!


About Liz:

Liz Becker is a Certified Life Coach specializing in divorce and parenting. With her expertise as a Licensed Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Liz equips her clients with unique tools and techniques to achieve positive change and balance in their lives. In 2007, when her son was just three, Liz herself successfully navigated through her own divorce. As a consequence she now finds great reward in educating people on how to best cope with their own situation, guiding them to be the best parents they can be during one of life’s most challenging times and beyond. By combining her diverse life experience, NLP Training and a firm belief that happy parents make happy kids, Liz has devised a formula that produces consistent results for her international client base. Liz is also certified as a Motivational coach and Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach, and is a member of the International Coach Federation.
How to Create a Vision for Your Life: Interview w/ Author & Speaker Terri L. Clay

How to Create a Vision for Your Life: Interview w/ Author & Speaker Terri L. Clay

Welcome to the weekend edition of the RichSingleMomma TV Show! Runtime: 30 minutes 29 seconds

Do you have a vision for your life? My guest on the RichSingleMomma TV show is Terri L. Clay. She was a single mom who went through some of the most challenging situations in life. She overcame domestic violence, poverty, and apparent failure.

Today she is a motivational speaker and workshop leader. It is all because she had a vision for her life. Terri teaches women how to create a vision for their lives through Vision Board parties.

I chat with Terri about her life, her struggles, and her triumphs as a single mom. She shares a heartbreaking secret that should have crushed her, but she grew stronger instead.

Terri is the author of From Fab to Fierce. It is her biography and motivational tool to help you reach your dreams. You can find the book on right now.

Here is Terri’s contact information:

Terri Clay, Inspirational speaker
Terri L Clay Enterprises

Author of the Book From Fab to Fierce

Listen to this amazing conversation and leave a comment below. Did you do a vision board this year? Have you ever done one before? Did you see the dreams become a reality?

Secrets to Successful Single Motherhood: Interview w/ Author & Coach Honoree Corder

Secrets to Successful Single Motherhood: Interview w/ Author & Coach Honoree Corder

Runtime: 11 minutes 27 seconds

Honoree Corder is the author of the Successful Single Mom Series. She brought motivational and encouraging reading to single moms at a time when there are not too many positive images of single moms.

I had the opportunity to chat with Honoree about her life as a single mom a few years ago. We talked about success and how important it is to change your mindset if you want different circumstances.

The conversation was uplifting to me so I know you will love it too!

Here is how to contact Honoree and purchase one or more of her books:

Honorée Corder
Author of The Successful Single Mom and Dad book series and Tall Order!
Honorée Enterprises, Inc.
Austin, Texas 78709-1298

Find her books on, (Amazon Author Page) &