[Video Tutorial] How to Download and Make Extra Money with Dosh (Cashback App)

[Video Tutorial] How to Download and Make Extra Money with Dosh (Cashback App)

There are multiple ways to increase your wealth either passively or actively and either with money or time. Here are three ways to add a little (or lot) of moola to your bank account.

Stash Investing

If you have been thinking about getting into investing check out Stash. It’s an app that lets you invest as little as $5 for stock like Disney, Facebook, and Apple. Click the button below to get it.

Get Stash

Fiverr Gigs

Make extra money with Fiverr just by offering a product or service to people who want it. It’s an easy side hustle to start because it doesn’t cost you anything but time and talent. Click the button below to sign up.

Start Fiverr-ing

Dosh CashBack

Passive income is easy with the Dosh App. You get money back when you shop, eat, or sleep at a hotel. I wish I had this a few months ago. You don’t have to do anything other than use your debit or credit card. Easy!

Download Dosh

Download the Dosh App from the Apple Store or the Google Play store by clicking this Dosh App link. I receive a referral fee for sharing this app with you, which helps me continue to bring great content to you.

7 Strategies to Win With Blog and Social Media Influencers

7 Strategies to Win With Blog and Social Media Influencers

Over the last 10 years, I’ve been a blogger in the mom blog/ lifestyle/ personal finance space. My reach is 100k+ across multiple networks. Not massive but not miniature either. I am the first single mom money blogger and I’ve worked with big and small brands on various campaigns.

I get email pitches every day that end up in the trash. Why? Because their pitches are self-serving trash! Yes, it sounds harsh but at the end of the day, I have to protect the integrity of the blog I built with blood, sweat, and tears. I also want to win too. Free stuff doesn’t pay my bills. #sorrynotsorry

FYI… Bloggers are not the same as journalist. We don’t get paid by a boss. We are the boss so we gotta make those coins too through paid promotions, placement, and advertising. Now that you have this background let me share my

7 Strategies to Win With Blog and Social Media Influencers

1. Start with knowing their name and niche.

Everyone loves the sound of their own name so, “Dear Mommy Blogger” gets trashed because you didn’t bother to find out my name. Does your Depend Underwear remotely fit with my makeup and lash blog? Umm, no! Know my niche before you pitch or your email gets ditched. 🤷🏽‍♀️

2. Offer value to them and their readers.

Remember the universal principle of WIFM (what’s in it for me?). It’s a real thing because nobody really cares about your product until you care about them.

3. Make their life easier.

Be clear about how you’d like to work together. It makes my brain hurt trying to figure out ambiguous emails. Spell it out. Be direct. If you reach second base, send what they ask for, respond within 24 hours, pay on time, read the guidelines.

4. Have a budget or irresistible offer (be prepared to pay to play).

It’s the reality of business. All serious businesses pay for promotion, right? Do you give your products and services for free as a business model? You’d be out of business in 6 months.

5. Promote the write-up.

Sharing on social media after you get a shoutout is the professional thing to do. You get extra points for adding my blog logo with link to the article to your, “As Seen On” section or media page.

6. Don’t expect free promotion (sorry I have to spell it out).

What have you done for me lately that entitles you to a free ride on the gravy train? 🤔 You have to pay to play outchea in these streets. You never know what $50-$150 can get you. Come with a check in hand instead of looking for a hand out. #thatisnotsexy

7. Make sure your product or service Educates. Inspires. Empowers.

If you give these things the money will follow because you gave the readers life-changing value. If it’s self-serving it gets passed over.

Educate a consumer and you gain a customer so teach them, give them advice, make their lives better. They will gladly buy your product because you showed them how it solves their problem. Understand?

Bonus: Build a relationship

Bloggers can be your biggest/ best advocates. Follow up. Work with them again. Use their services (writing, marketing, design, etc.). It might be a match made in heaven.

I hope this was helpful and gives you insight into working with Influencers.

It’s not rocket science so don’t complicate the process.

👉 I’m putting together a resource to help you even more. If you would like it, click the link below to tell me more about your business and I’ll send it to you when it’s ready. 😘 RichSingleMomma.com/influencers

Goodbye Broke Hello Prosperity

Goodbye Broke Hello Prosperity

This is was my mantra that changed my life back in 2012. I was tired of being broke and feeling like I would never see the light of day when it came to financial freedom. But this phase came to my mind when I started the journey of freeing my mind from old beliefs and embracing a new way of thinking.

For some people, it’s not an issue to think wealth, prosperity, or abundance, but for me, it was a challenge. For my entire life, all I knew was lack and limitation. I didn’t know that I was allowed to think differently, to expect plenty, or that I could dare hope to be wealthy.

The process of changing my mindset was long. Sometimes I still fall back into old thinking but I quickly recover. What helped me was my love of research and reading coupled with problem-solving.

Being Poor and/or Broke is a Problem

You see, being poor was a problem. It was stressful, embarrassing, and no fun at all! When my friends wanted to go on trips or just out for a simple meal I had to make excuses for why I couldn’t go or pinch pennies to make it happen. It was deeply stressful and I hated every minute of it, but I felt trapped by my upbringing and the religious voices in my head that said, “It’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven”. Words straight from the bible that had me suck in a rut of poverty mentality.

I later learned that scripture was misquoted to keep people in bondage to fear and scarcity. I was tired and I wanted to be free so I began my quest to find the truth about wealth and prosperity. I read books I never thought I’d read in a million years. I listened to audio books and watched YouTube videos. I had to find the answers I was seeking.

I came across books like The Science of Getting Rich, Think and Grow Rich, The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity, and so many more. I read them all and my mind began to shift. I stopped believing I was born to be poor and began believing I was born to be rich! Goodbye Broke. Hello Prosperity!!!

I’ve decided that I want to help my friends adopt the same mantra that I did a few years ago. It transformed my life so now I don’t scrape by and pinch pennies anymore. It’s not necessary. I’m living a good life and growing prosperous every day. I went from broke to blessed in my mind first, then in my bank account. I don’t struggle with bills, giving my kids what they need, or helping others. (Did you see my Cash App Giveaway on Instagram Thanksgiving week?)

Go From Broke to Blessed!

When you decide to say, Goodbye Broke. Hello Prosperity!,

  • You can finally pay all the bills and have more money at the end of the month. Pssst…It’s called residual income.
  • You can invest in Bitcoin or the stock market like I have.
  • You can take the vacations you’ve always wanted to go on.
  • You can fix your credit and increase your score so you can buy a house or new care.
  • You can finally sleep at night because you are not worried about how you are going to make ends meet.

How? Join my mastermind group and get all the tools you need to go from broke to blessed.

The Goodbye Broke. Hello Prosperity! Mastermind

The Goodbye Broke. Hello Prosperity! Mastermind is created for you. You will be connected to women who are in the same boat; learning and growing just like you. You will have the support, encouragement, and accountability to release your old way of think and begin thinking in a new way.

Who this Mastermind isn’t for…

This mastermind is not for everyone. If you prefer complaining, are happy where you are, skeptical, or messy, this mastermind is not for you. If you are afraid to take a risk on your life, afraid of changing the status quo, stuck in a depressed state, or are having trouble letting go of the past it’s not the time for you to join.

Who this Mastermind is for…

But if you are actively searching for change, you want to learn and grow, you feel a call to something better, you’ve invested in a course or program in the last two years, you are willing to show up and do the work, and you have hidden talents you want to exploit, then this mastermind is for you.

You will get access to videos, live sessions with me, and resources that will help you fix your finances, plug any leaks, update your skills, and put you on the path to six-figures or more.

When does it begin?

This is a year-long program that begins January 14, 2018. We will start with a Financial Vision Board Party to create a picture of what you want your financial life to be by the end of the year. It is a powerful exercise you will use over and over again for other parts of your life including love, health, and career.

Are you ready to get started? This program can easily go for $2500 or even $5000 because the content alone will set you up for success for the rest of your life. But I want it to be accessible to single moms who need a break. Believe me, I’ve been there so I know the struggle sometimes. But I also want it to feel like a true investment so you feel the incentive to do the work too! I’ve paid thousands for programs because I wanted the value the experts were giving me.

What’s the investment?

Payment plans are available so you can manage the payments each month. This program is $450 for the year for early birds. Yes, you read that correctly. It’s only $450 to become a member of the Goodbye Broke. Hello Prosperity! Mastermind before December 31, 2017. You can do one payment or up to 12 payments ($37.50 monthly).

How do I join this money transformation program?

Select the payment option below to register now. The early bird cart will close at midnight December 31, 2017, so lock in the rate because it will go up to $750 ($62.50 monthly) on January 1, 2018.

I’m excited to have you in the Goodbye Broke Hello Prosperity mastermind group. I know we are going to have fun learning and growing together in 2018 and beyond.


Click Your Perfect Option Below to Join the Hello Prosperity Mastermind

11 Kid Entrepreneurs You and the Shark Tank Should Watch in Business

11 Kid Entrepreneurs You and the Shark Tank Should Watch in Business

Business is the status quo for adults but when it comes to kid entrepreneurs, we love hearing about them doing big things. I wanted to highlight extraordinary children who have started a business and have set out to change the world. They are making a difference in the community and influencing other kids around them.

This is just the beginning of my Kids in Business posts. I plan to highlight them at least once a quarter. If you have a kid in business, submit them here and perhaps they will show up on this list.

In the spirit of being supportive, be sure to click on their website and social media links to buy their products and follow them too!


Media outlet by an award-winning kid reporter with a print magazine, videos, and app on the way.

About Kidpreneur Alejandra Stack

Alejandra Stack is an award-winning journalist, speaker, and activist. She’s the NAACP Youth Council President, an actress, and daughter of a reporter who started her media outlet after seeing that kids were not being highlighted in her local paper. While she has interviewed celebrities, she prefers highlighting everyday kidprenuers, community helps, scholars, athletes and more. “We’re not waiting, we’re creating!”

Kidpreneur Website

Visit www.kidnewsmaker.com to learn more about the magazine and order a subscription for your kids.

Kidpreneur Social Media

Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram  


Destiny Adams International

Destiny provides fun educational & interactive workshops & classes to youth by teaching them how to code. Coding is a fundamental skill within Computer Science. It is the “language” of technology & the foundation of our world.

About Kidpreneur Destiny Adams

Destiny is a budding teen Entrepreneur! She aspires to be a Computer Scientist. She has traveled around the world locally & internationally teaching & studying Steam (Coding). Her passion to help others learn this vital skill. She is excited about her future mission & future!

Kidpreneur Website

Coming 1/1/2018

Kidpreneur Social Media

Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn


Dream Big Podcast

About Kidpreneur Eva Karpman

Kidpreneur Website

Visit http://dreambigpodcast.com/ to listen to the latest episodes by Eva and her mom.

Kidpreneur Social Media

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Mia’s Treats Delight

Mia’s Treats Delight provides homemade baked goods all made with love. Cookies, brownies, and cupcakes can be purchased for events or for your own personal consumption. 🤗

Cookie prices (sold by the dozen)—> Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies: $11 Specialty Cookies: $15 *Brownie prices (sold by the pan)—-> Regular Brownies: $12 Specialty Brownies: $15 *Cupcake prices—-> Basic (yellow & chocolate): 1/2 dozen – $11 1 dozen – $21 Specialty: 1/2 dozen: $15 1 dozen: $24

About Kidpreneur Tamia Hawkins

Tamia, founder & CEO of Mia’s Treats Delight, is an 11 year old baker from St. Louis, MO. She started her business in 2015 at the young age of 8 years old. She’s always had a love for baking, but decided to take it to the next level by becoming an entrepreneur and being her own boss.

Kidpreneur Social Media

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Daddy’s Girl Author

Daddy’s Girl is a book based on a true story. It’s about a tough time in Jakayla’s life when her parents separated and her Daddy moved out of the home. Moms and Dads are not the only ones going through a separation when the family unit is broken. It is also a tough time for the children. Jakayla writes about how she was able to cope with the help of Daddy-Daughter Dates. This book will help any child who may be going through parent separation or divorce.

About Kidpreneur Jakayla Green

Jakayla Green is the 9 year old author of Daddy’s Girl. She is a straight A student in the 3rd grade. She is from Bennettsville, SC, but currently resides in Columbia, SC. Jakayla is the host of Kayla’s Korner on Jojo’s PersonaliTV and also serves as an assistant creative director and co-host for other shows on Jojo’s PersonaliTV. Jakayla is an avid reader. One of her favorite things to do is to read to her baby brother, JJ. She is also an award-winning track star with SC Express. When Jakayla grows up, she wants to become a scientist and an artist. She is the daughter of Jason and Tamell Green and has one older sister, Jasiya and a baby brother, JJ.

Kidpreneur Website

Visit https://www.jakaylamgreen.com to learn more about her book and purchase a copy for your child or another child.

Kidpreneur Social Media

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Precious Designs TX

Precious Designs is a redesign and refurbishing home furnishings company (pillows, trays and vases collections). Additionally, the kidCEO owner, Jasmine Benton, also offers design upgrades for chairs and ottomans, along with special event design services.  She is also an Amazon.com Best Selling co-Author, as a contributor to newly published book, KidCEO.

About Kidpreneur Jasmine Benton

Jasmine Benton started her business at the age of 11 by opening her own retail home furnishings center in the Allen Antique Mall in Allen, Texas. Her work has been seen on Steve Harvey Show and she was the youngest professional to intern with HGTV’s Mikel Welch, former designer for Steve Harvey Show and the Obama’s. Jasmine is a speaker and Best Selling Author, Certified STEMpreneur, and Credentialed Interior Decorator.

Kidpreneur Website

Visit https://PDesignsTX.com to learn more about this interior decorating service and to be inspired. To purchase Jasmine’s book, please head over to Amazon.com to purchase KidCEO for $19.99.

Kidpreneur Social Media

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K-lock is an identification locket custom designed and personalized to prevent misidentification of children in schools and daycare. Lockets are $10 other items $2 and up.

About Kidpreneur Kennedi Harris

Starting this business helped Kennedi cope with the effects of being misplaced and having a total mistrust of the school system. It took her mind away from things as she enjoyed adding a personal touch to each product. K-lock also has African American dolls coming soon. K-lock’s inception began when Kennedi was misplaced by school officials due to a mix up in names. She created these lockets to properly identify kids in school, daycares and on field trips. She also has signature t-shirts, hats, lip balm, and lotions.

Kidpreneur Website

Visit the K-lock website to learn more about the safety lock system for kids.

Kidpreneur Social Media

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Soap and Soothe by Jammy Girl, LLC

A line of soap, sugar scrubs, lip balm, lip scrubs, body butter, liquid soap and the much-coveted bath bombs and bubble bars created by Zori Thomas.

About Kidpreneur Zori Thomas aka Jammy Girl

Zori, a 13-year-old entrepreneur, has been in business since she was 11 years old making bath and beauty products and recently designed her own pajama line. She calls herself “Jammy Girl” because she likes to make products while in her “Studio Only” pajamas. She was adopted when she was 5 months old and suffers from a learning disability and severe anxiety. While looking for an activity to help her cope with these issues, she discovered the art of soap making and eventually turned her hobby into a business. Her mission is to inspire others to Choose greatness and Crush life’s obstacles while feeling confident in the skin they’re in.

Kidpreneur Website

Visit www.Jammygirl.net to learn more about Zori’s products.

Kidpreneur Social Media

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Joy’s Yummy Cupcakes by Delphine

Delphine makes cupcakes made from scratch and is the author of Kid-trepeneur

About Kidpreneur Delphine N. Dauphin

Delphine is an 8-year-old entrepreneur and published author. She is making a difference in her community by sharing success tools to her peers. She was a panelist at the Miami Book Fair on kid-trepreneurship. She is a princess and Pearl Ambassador.

Kidpreneur Website

Visit www.princessdelphine.com to learn more about Delphine’s cupcakes and order some for your special occasions.

Kidpreneur Social Media



Bubbly Bricks and Beyond

Bubbly Bricks and Beyond is a Soaps and Fragrance Satchels company started by Xavier Morgan. Xavier makes fun, playful, and practical soaps and fragrance satchels. The soaps are shaped like Lego Bricks and Minifigures. They come in a rainbow of colors. What makes his bricks different is that he invented a way for you to play with and stack the bricks. Now when you take your bath you can use his soap to get clean and you can build something great all at the same time. He also makes superhero soap for men. The superhero soap is designed using the different superhero logos. The superhero soaps have a special fragrance for men.

Finally, are his fragrance satchels. You can hang these up anywhere. In the bathroom, in your car, in your gym bag, even in your shoes. His fragrance satchels go anywhere you want to smell fresh. Coming up in the soap collection are more superheroes and characters. What makes Xavier’s soaps stand out is that he also created a toy with which kids can play. Parent’s can use the soaps and the satchels to decorate their homes. This is an inexpensive way to get your kids to take a bath and give them a toy. Everyone will love Bubbly Bricks and Beyond’s products because it all smells so good!

About Kidpreneur Xavier Morgan

Xavier is aspiring to become an engineer. He loves to put together puzzles and build with bricks in his spare time. He has mastered putting together most 150 pieces in 15-25 minutes. Recently, he decided to turn his hobby into a business and become an entrepreneur. Xavier is a 3rd-grade student living with his mother in Georgia.

Kidpreneur Website

Visit www.bubblybricksandbeyond.com to see all the design and fragrance choices. The price ranges from $5 – $15

Kidpreneur Social Media

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The Dream Chasers

The Dream Chasers is a Kids investment club started by Chase Robinson-Simmons. Chase is smart about her money. She loves to save and invest in stocks. She recently just saved over $544 and purchased 3 quarter candy vending machines.

About Kidpreneur Chase Robinson-Simmons

Chase is smart about her money. She loves to save and invest in stocks. She recently just saved over $544 and purchased 3 quarter candy vending machines.

Kidpreneur Website

Coming Soon

Kidpreneur Social Media

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The Two & Fro Clothing Co.

A Unique Afrocentric and empowering clothing, shoes and accessories line created by sisters Madiah & Maliah.

About Kidpreneur Madiah & Maliah

Owned and operated by 14 and 16 y/o sisters who love martial arts, reading, fashion and rocking their natural hair. Their two unique styles are reflected in their one-of-a-kind designs.

Kidpreneur Website

Check out and order their merchandise at www.TwoAndFro.co. Prices start at $18+

Kidpreneur Social Media

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13 Powerful Money Lessons Every Single Mom Must Learn

Introduction This little guide is an introduction to the 13 money lessons that will bring you peace, prosperity, and a brand new outlook on money. I have learned these lessons my life as a single mom. Being financially responsible for my children basically forced me...

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When Should You Give Kids Cellphone?

Should I give my kid a cellphone? That has been a question parents have been asking for almost a decade now. I remember when my daughter first asked me for a cellphone. I wasn't excited about the idea but I knew she would not stop asking me for one because all her...

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Empowering My Teens to Save for Now and the Future

It seems to me that the words “teens” and “savings” are on opposite ends of the spectrum. Well at least with my kids. In a time when there is easy access to just about everything and endless marketing messages, saving is the last thing kids are thinking about. The...

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How to Protect Your Child’s Identity

I've heard of and know a few people who have had their identity stolen as children. It's mostly family members who where the culprit. Please do not use your children's identity to open accounts for any reason. They deserve a financial future that hasn't been ruined by...

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Tooth Fairy Calculator

Just when you thought you heard it all someone comes out with a tooth fairy calculator. How cute is that?!?! If your little ones are going through the tooth lose phase you might as well pony up the  money, ma’am. You can get the Tooth Fairy Calculator on your iPhone...

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How to Be a Kick-Ass Single Mom w/ Emma Johnson

How to Be a Kick-Ass Single Mom w/ Emma Johnson

I had the pleasure of interviewing Emma Johnson, the author is The Kick-Ass Single Mom and founder of WealthySingleMommy.com. We talked about parenting, child support, and the importance of quality vs. quantity time with your kids.

Emma shared why she wrote the book and encourages single moms to practice radical self-care and to find their inner queen. When you own your power you can do anything you want.

This conversation is 30 minutes long so grab your coffee or tea and relax while watching or listening to us pour a bit of our power all over you!

You can buy the book at your local bookstore or in Amazon.com.

Credit Repair After Divorce Chat with Mandy Walker

Credit Repair After Divorce Chat with Mandy Walker

I recently had a chat with Mandy Walker about Credit Repair After Divorce on her Blog Talk Radio show. We had a great time getting to know each other but more importantly, talking about how to get your credit repair journey started. Separating or divorcing a partner after a few years means you have financial ties to your ex including credit. It can get messy and usually someone ends up with the short end of the stick. You get screwed and your credit score crashes along with the relationships.

In this chat, I share my credit repair strategies to help you protect your credit or recover from a crash. If you are facing any of the following challenges you should listen in:

  • Low credit score
  • Bankruptcy (I share my own story)
  • Budgeting challenges
  • Foreclosure
  • Making ends meet

At the end of the chat, I share my Budget Sanity Saver Worksheet, which is great for anyone who needs help getting started with their budget. Click here to download your copy (you will need Microsoft Word to use it).

Are you dealing with credit challenges? budget challenges? What steps are you taking to fix the issues and recover from a bad financial breakup?