How to Be a Kick-Ass Single Mom w/ Emma Johnson

How to Be a Kick-Ass Single Mom w/ Emma Johnson

I had the pleasure of interviewing Emma Johnson, the author is The Kick-Ass Single Mom and founder of We talked about parenting, child support, and the importance of quality vs. quantity time with your kids.

Emma shared why she wrote the book and encourages single moms to practice radical self-care and to find their inner queen. When you own your power you can do anything you want.

This conversation is 30 minutes long so grab your coffee or tea and relax while watching or listening to us pour a bit of our power all over you!

You can buy the book at your local bookstore or in

Credit Repair After Divorce Chat with Mandy Walker

Credit Repair After Divorce Chat with Mandy Walker

I recently had a chat with Mandy Walker about Credit Repair After Divorce on her Blog Talk Radio show. We had a great time getting to know each other but more importantly, talking about how to get your credit repair journey started. Separating or divorcing a partner after a few years means you have financial ties to your ex including credit. It can get messy and usually someone ends up with the short end of the stick. You get screwed and your credit score crashes along with the relationships.

In this chat, I share my credit repair strategies to help you protect your credit or recover from a crash. If you are facing any of the following challenges you should listen in:

  • Low credit score
  • Bankruptcy (I share my own story)
  • Budgeting challenges
  • Foreclosure
  • Making ends meet

At the end of the chat, I share my Budget Sanity Saver Worksheet, which is great for anyone who needs help getting started with their budget. Click here to download your copy (you will need Microsoft Word to use it).

Are you dealing with credit challenges? budget challenges? What steps are you taking to fix the issues and recover from a bad financial breakup?

Ignore Deadbeat Daddies and Bid Farewell to Child Support Dependence

Ignore Deadbeat Daddies and Bid Farewell to Child Support Dependence

The following article is in response to a popular message board trend about complaining about dead beat daddies and child support dependence. Feel free to reply with your reactions and watch the video too.

5 Reasons You Should Ignore Your Deadbeat Baby Daddy and Bid Farewell to Child Support Dependence

Ever dream of finding the right way to forget about your deadbeat baby daddy, stop depending on unreliable child support, and start changing your life? Many single moms have actually done that. Most, however, never work through the daydream stage. Many lacked the desire to research, learn, and put a plan in motion, so all they do is dream, whine, and complain about how he’s a deadbeat.

So what is the positive impact of letting go? The negatives were covered all right, but why not consider the positives? Before we let the negatives rule, the positives deserve a fair hearing.

Let’s examine 5 positive reasons in favor of attempting to forget about your deadbeat baby daddy and inadequate child support to see those that ring true.

1. He’s proven he doesn’t want to be a part of the life of you and your child. 

I completely understand your rationale in thinking you had something special at one time, after all you had a baby together. I agree that that’s a rather valid objection, but please consider, if he hasn’t paid one red cent (or barely $100 a year) since the day the baby was born, he’s not interested in being a part of your lives. And moreover, you will need to consider you might be better off without him.

2. He’s probably more interested in the next conquest than raising a child with you. 

The leading reason behind that is he’s too immature to want to be a parent. And also afraid of any type of real responsibility.

3. Your anger and constant nagging about his inability to be a real man keep him running away from you and his responsibility.

Plus perhaps your habit of broadcasting his failures to your girlfriends and the rest of the world.!

4. You are giving him control of your life every second you remain angry at him.

Anger is a fuel for controlling people. The more you allow your anger towards him to boil in your heart the more you give up control of your life.

5. You can create a better life for you and your child.

When you take the focus off of him and make plans for financial security because of your own efforts you can create an amazing life for your family. You have so much more power when you are focused on the possibilities instead of the problems

What will you do now?

After you have had a chance to go over the reasons and think about them, you’ll find that a top notch case can be made in favor of forgetting about your deadbeat baby daddy and moving on with your life.

Just think about it. Perhaps you really, in all seriousness, should forget fighting tooth and nail for him to be a father and sending money to help support your child.

As soon as you examine each of the reasons and evaluate them, you will have to admit that a very compelling case can be made for starting to consider how you can forget about your deadbeat baby daddy and create drama-free life with all the trimmings.

So maybe, just maybe, you really should forget about depending on child support from a man who’s proven he doesn’t want to be responsible for taking care of his child.

This is just my two cents worth. It’s heartbreaking to see so many single mom struggle with this issue. The bottom line is it’s time to take control of our lives and destiny.

Begin by finishing school if you haven’t, upgrading your skills for a better position, start a business to make extra money, and most importantly release the pain of rejection and low self-esteem.

Feel free to talk more about it below. No flaming, please.

10 Tips for Parents to Bully-Proof Their Kids

10 Tips for Parents to Bully-Proof Their Kids

It’s fall and school is starting back again. I’ve seen moms running around getting back to schools supplies and new clothes to prepare their kids for the big first day. I can’t help but wonder are they preparing their precious ones for the bullies that lurk in the hallways and behind the school buses?

I saw a story on Facebook last month of a heartbroken mother whose son killed himself after bullies told him his life wasn’t worth living. My heart went out to the mother as I listened to her tearful plea to other mothers. I felt a little judgy of her because I felt she could have done more.

In reality, I suppose she did all she felt she could do. She went to the school to talk to the principal, she went to the superintendent and the school board. She asked that they move her son to a new school. She did all that but her son still was harassed, beat-up, and basically stalked online and on his phone. The bullies told him repeatedly to kill himself until one day he did.

I felt judgy because I felt his parents didn’t do all they could’ve done for their son. You see, I’m a mama bear and will fight anyone who hurts my kids. I am the kind of mother who will go to drastic measures to ensure their safety from other kids, other parents, the teacher, the principal, and anyone who intentionally harms them. I’m that mama who will go toe to toe with the biggest and baddest bully whether it’s in the classroom, the courtroom, or the boardroom. I don’t play. My 5’3” presence will be felt. That’s me; but then I had to remember that sometimes parents simply are not equipped to empower their children.

I was bullied as a child on the playground by peers and by kids in my extended family, but I learned how to stand up for myself and have never had a problem with it since that time. As a mom I was able to help my daughter deal with bullying by teaching her self-esteem comes from within. I taught her that others have no right to touch her without expecting consequences and how to give people the stare-down, daggers-in-the-eye look. No children were harmed with this strategy, of course. As a result of my empowerment training, she learned to carry herself in a confident manner so she was not a target. She reminded me that I told her never to come home beat up without at least making sure the other person felt her licks.

I believe parents who are confident raise confident children. On the flip side, parents who were bullied often have children who get bullied if they never healed and/or learned how to be confident. Children take their cues from their parents and unfortunately they may be bullied at school too.

Parents have to empower their children to feel strong and capable of going through school and life without antagonism from bullies. Adults get bullied in the workplace, the PTA, and in the home. Coping strategies start from within and it’s only after a child is strong internally that other tactics like self-defense, martial arts, etc. can work effectively.

I’m a mother of a special needs teen son who is on the Autism Spectrum. He has been homeschooled since 5th grade but insists on going to school to finish out his high school years. Of course, I am concerned about bullying because he is “different”.

To prepare him I’ve given him tips to deal with kids who may decide that his differences deserve abuse, mistreatment, and bullying. I’ve empowered him to:

  • Stand up for himself if provoked.
  • Walk away if confronted.
  • Face the issue if necessary and
  • Finish any fight that anyone starts with him.

Some parents may think that is too radical because it advocates violence. I respond by saying that if I do not empower my child then who will? I helped my adult daughter through the struggles of middle and high school bully-free. My son will do the same.

So what should a mom do to empower their child? Here are my 10 tips for parents to bully-proof their kids:

  1. Find the courage inside yourself as a parent and tap into your own self-worth. Kids model what you do vs. what you say.

2. Teach yourself and them to practice the Superhero Pose to build and help feel confidence. Stand with feet apart.Hands on lower waist. Back straight. Head held high. Cape is optional.

3. Allow (even encourage) them to fight back if they are shoved, hit, or punched. Teach them that no one has the right to put their hands on them. This teaches self-respect.

4. Reduce access to social media or monitor closely especially if you suspect bullying. Do the same with cell phones and require that phone numbers not be given out. Change the number if harassment or cyberbullying of any kind begins.

5. Come out of the fantasy world and live in the reality that not everyone has the same supportive and happy environment as your home. Some kids are sad, mad, and miserable and want other kids to be a part of that misery.

What to Teach your kids about bullies::

  • Some kids are being bullied at home so they bully others. Hurt people hurt people.
  • Some kids feel small and inferior at home so they want to feel superior and in control at school.
  • Some kids have parents that bully them so they bully kids that are different or look smaller.
  • Sometimes a bully will challenge them to see if they are tough/confident to stand up for themselves.
  • Whiners get bullied so either remain silent and look them in the eye or speak clearly while looking them in the eye.

6. Teach your kids that their body language will either attract or repel a bully. Show them to walk tall, look people in the eye and to speak up clearly, loudly, and with boldness.

7. Practice or role play at home with your kids how to stand up for themselves if a bully confronts them.

8. Check your fears at the door and don’t project them onto your children. Your children feel your feelings because their intuition is strong. They know when you feel helpless, fearful, depressed, or angry in the same way they know when you are confident, happy, and feeling strong.

9. Pray for and with your child and teach them the scripture, “Be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might” Ephesians 6:10. If you don’t believe in prayer teach them positive affirmations.

10. Teach your child that compassion and kindness go further than being nice and non-confrontational. A kid with a cause (defending the weak) will learn compassion/ kindness is also strength.

A friend on Facebook shared that her daughter was hurt because the kids did not want to play with her. She felt left out and rejected. I share the following:

I hope it helps you empower your child to become a champion on the playground and have an amazing new school year!

How I (a Single Mom) Went from $6.25/hr to $108,000 a year!

How I (a Single Mom) Went from $6.25/hr to $108,000 a year!

You’ve heard the stories about how people went from rags to riches. Well, this is not exactly that kind of story, but it is my true story of how I went from making minimum wage ($6.25/hr) to 6-figures. It took some time to accomplish this so hooray for me. Fortunately for you, if you are just starting your journey of single motherhood you can cut the learning curve by a few years.

Here is the first part of the story and the first step for you on the path to greater wealth, health, and happiness for your and your family. It doesn’t matter how broke you feel, how bummed out your bank account looks, or how screwed up everything feels right now. If you take the time to clear the cobwebs and a few dollars to invest in yourself you can be making six-figures in half the time I did (or better).

To hear the rest of the story and exact technique I used to move from mediocre minimum wage to a sexy six-figure income keep reading.

I’ve created a masterclass for you to sit in on from the comfort of your home.

You don’t have to worry about getting a sitter, finding a parking space, or struggling through hours of textbooks or homework.

I give you everything you need to begin your journey toward successfully changing the direction of your life so you can start making more money than you ever made before.

The only thing holding you back is maybe fear and the only person holding you back, is you.

Here are the details about the Masterclass

What you’ll learn:

  • My mindset and decision-making process for going from minimum wage to six-figures
  • How to shift your money mindset
  • How to create a money master plan
  • Seven Steps to Success

Class Start Date:

Anytime (If you enroll by June 7, 2017, you will receive 50% off the course)

What You Will Get:

  • Lifetime access to the class
  • Updated information and modules
  • Secure Discussion Forum
  • Access to the brand new Six-Figure Single Mom Facebook Group
  • Bonus Expert Interviews
  • Discounts on other classes

Your Investment:

This masterclass is a small investment of $49 but the results you will get if you take action and copy my process will return you that money 100 times over!

Think about what you can do with that money:

  • Move into a better home and neighborhood instead of being afraid to walk from your car to apartment because of the riff-raff
  • Drive a better car instead of worrying the old car is going to break down on you
  • Send the kids to better schools instead of being frustrated they are around bad influences or getting sub-par education
  • Take a vacation or multiple vacations a year
  • Open a real savings account instead of relying on the change jar
  • Start a business to put even more money away for college or to finally work for yourself
  • Pay for all your child’s favorite activities instead of making excuses for why they can’t get involved
  • Never worry about paying the bills in full every month instead of making payment arrangements or robbing Peter to pay Paul
  • Go to the movies and buy popcorn, drinks, and candy instead of waiting until it comes out on DVD

There are so many things you can do with more money. I’ve only named a few that I’ve personally experienced since I’ve started bringing in more income.

Are these reasons enough for you to enroll in the course? if you are on the fence just look into the faces of your kids and let them be your motivation.

Here is the link to enroll in the course: 6-figure Single Mom Masterclass

Remember, if you enroll by June 7 you will get 50% off the enrollment fee. Instead of paying $49 you will only pay $24.50 when you enter coupon code 50off. Don’t wait because on June 8 the price will return to $49.


Carpet Cleaning Tips for Spring Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Tips for Spring Cleaning

For homeowners around the world, the onset of springtime can only mean one thing: more work. With warm weather and longer days approaching fast, the desire to cultivate a cleaner living space and discard excess junk begins to spread.

Last spring, I visited an old friend at her house in Maine. Spring was here at last, and this change in season had been reflected in my friend’s immaculate South Portland home. What stuck out most to me were her carpets. Despite living in a semi-remote neighborhood, surrounded by plenty of natural beauty, her carpets were a spotless, shining shade of white. I asked her about her secret, and while she gave me some indispensible advice, her biggest cleaning mantra was alarmingly simple: be consistent.

When she told me ‘be consistent,’ she meant that the coming-on of spring shouldn’t be the only time you clean your carpet during the year. The most cleaning gets done, she said, in the day-to-day. Removing dust on a regular basis – through regular, consistent vacuuming – will prevent it from building up. She also told me to keep a consistent attitude about cleaning – be consistently proactive and consistently excited about cleaning. “If you’re not,” she told me, “procrastination will take over.”

She also advised I be consistently preventative. “Prevention is so important to maintaining a clean carpet,” she said. If your home isn’t equipped for dirt and grime prevention, there’s no better time to equip it than during spring cleaning. She suggests placing a shoe rack and welcome mat in the front of your home, perhaps in the foyer if your home has one, in order to inhibit the spread of dirt through your home. By having your family and all guests take off their shoes before stepping onto the carpet, you will make the inevitable task of cleaning your carpets much easier on yourself. If you have a dog or outdoor cat, we recommend keeping a towel by each of your home’s entrances, so you can use it to wipe down their paws when they come in from outside.

carpet cleaning tips for pet owners

My friend recommended figuring out what works for you during spring cleaning and sticking to that, each and every year. As she said, be consistent. Create a routine that you know works. Personally, I like to wait until the very end of spring cleaning, after I’m done with the rest of my home’s various parts, until I begin working on the carpets.

Here are some more tips for spring carpet cleaning. Make sure to move furniture that’s sitting on your carpets when you clean and vacuum; these spots beneath couches and tables are often ignored.

Rent or buy a steam carpet cleaner, as it is the most effective way of deep cleaning your carpets. When you cause or notice a spill on your carpet, take action right away to prevent the stain from setting. Be consistent in acting immediately when you notice a stain or cause a spill. The longer you wait, the more the stain will set, and the harder it will be to eventually remove. Ultimately, it’s your job to pick a cleaning routine that works for both you and your home. No matter what you decide to include in your spring cleaning regiment, above all else, be consistent.

Carpet Cleaning Tips for Spring Cleaning