Save Money on Drinking Water | PUR Review

Save Money on Drinking Water | PUR Review

Have you seen the news about bottled water lately? It’s kind of scary right? It was at the time I got the Vox Box PUR water filter system to review. I was literally at the grocery store that day and forgot to pick up bottled water. Then I remembered that I have a PUR system so I don’t need to buy water. The thought of saving money made my day.

I have the water filtering system and have used it for about three weeks. All I can say is WOW!! What a difference in taste, convenience, and amount of trash. I don’t have to have ice cold water anymore to cover up the taste of unfiltered water. It’s convenient because I just have to turn the faucet on and flip the switch on the filter. I don’t have a trash can full of water bottles so the waste has been greatly reduced.

As described in the video below, it was very easy to put the filter on my faucet. It basically snapped in place. That is such a relief because I honestly didn’t want to go through the drama.

Here is the video review. Leave a comment and let me know if you use a water filter or are buying bottled water. If you use something else to get delicious water while saving money let me know that too.

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[Video] My $800 Car Repair + Overcoming Financial Stress

[Video] My $800 Car Repair + Overcoming Financial Stress

My car repair bills added up to $800. I could have been stressed about money and worried about my car breaking down. But I’ve learned the power of prayer and other habits that help me overcome financial stress. I share my tips in this video with you to encourage you to breath and know it will be okay.

How are you handling financially stressful times? How do you want to be able to handle them?

What to talk about it privately? Schedule a free 30-minute strategy session to pick my brain and figure out how to overcome financial stress. Send an email to samantha

How to Save Money Effortlessly + Vote 4 Me!

How to Save Money Effortlessly + Vote 4 Me!

In a couple of months I’m heading to #FinCon2014. It’s a conference for financial bloggers like me to meet, attend workshops, and network with other bloggers.

In preparation for the conference asked me to create a video talking about my best savings tip. I did and you get to see it and hopefully vote for it.

Check it out below, let me know what you think, and click the link to vote for me if you’d like. Thanks!

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Single Mom Support Call

Single Mom Support Call

Ask RichSingleMommaLast week there were about ten single moms on a the Ask RichSingle Momma Anything single mom support call. I had a great time talking with all of them and answering their questions.

The thing about being a single mom is there is this sense of isolation and feeling that no one understands. I’ve had many days like this where if I could just talk to someone who understood I would feel so much better. That is why I am doing these calls. We need someone to talk to about the challenges we face everyday.

The call focused mostly on financial issues but it also covered how to get through life successfully. You can check out the RichSingleMomma Facebook Page to find out everything we talked about.

Here is a video clip I did early this week about the call.

Join us this Sunday and every Sunday for the Single Mom Support call at 9pm (EST). Here is the call-in information:

Dial-in – (218) 339-2500
Enter Access Code – 1032131#

If you are unable to join the call a recording will be available later.

[RSM TV] Single Mom Financial Recovery w/ Kelly McCausey

[RSM TV] Single Mom Financial Recovery w/ Kelly McCausey

RichSingleMomma TV Kelly McCausey Interview


One of the first single moms I found online who was successfully running a business is Kelly McCausey. She was doing things that I wanted to learn how to do. In short, she was my inspiration.

Kelly took time to chat with me about being a single mom and reinventing herself once her now grown son moved out. She shared her struggle with finances for quite a while after getting divorced and the amount of debt she was in.

If you are struggling financially, Kelly will be a source of inspiration and motivation to turn things around. She shares an amazing resource she used to get out of debt. Listen in to see what it is.


Kelly now is the host of SoloSmarts radio show and owns You can get her free guide on the site.

To contact Kelly pay attention to this information:

Kelly McCausey
ph: 517-376-3247 | skype: kaleia
Twitter: @kellymccausey

Get the FREE Smart Start Guide here:

After you finish listening leave a comment below about the show. Are you struggling with your finances? Have you found a way to make more money, start a business, or get out of debt successfully? We want to know.