Thanksgiving is next week! It’s an exciting time for me and my kids to visit the grandparents and enjoy a day of food, football, and fun. If your kids are like mine they get really excited about traveling and helping prepare the Thanksgiving meal. They may even like helping with the decorations.

So to help you get ready for the day take some time to watch this series of videos and photos to give you ideas about everything from baking yummy desserts, baking or roasting a turkey, or making beautiful decorations.

Videos are sponsored by Howdini and photos are courtesy of the great pinners over at Pinterest.

How to Set a Beautiful Thanksgiving Table



How to set a beautiful harvest table

Rebecca likes to mix and match plates for a more casual harvest table. She will also mix and match silverware.

  • If you’re going to have a lot of food on the table, instead of a big flower arrangement, you can take a tile or a piece of slate and use that as a decorative hot plate.
  • You can put pretty small objects on it, like little candles or small plants, or pillar candles look nice. She uses pincushion plants which are harvest colors and also make nice party favors for people to take with them.
  • Her family’s tradition is to send the children out into the yard before the meal is served, to gather pine cones and other beautiful objects, which are added to the table setting.
  • Light the candles and you’re ready.

How can you to create the same kind of table on the cheap? What do you normally do for table decorations?