Today is Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday. He was a man with a dream to bring people of all races together here in the United States. His famous, I Have a Dream speech has been the inspiration for me and so many others to dream big and never give up even if it means sacrificing your very life.

Do you have a big dream? What would you do to make it come true? Is it worth the sacrifice?

Last year I showed you a few of my dreams with pictures from my vision board on Facebook. A few of you created your own or said you wanted to create one. Did you do it? How did things turn out for you?

A couple of days ago I created a new vision board for the year. I like it much better because it is more focused. I decided I would just include three things I want to see happen in my life. Narrowing things down made it much easier to find pictures and words to include. My board is smaller than last year’s too so it’s easy to move if I need to.

Here is a picture of my vision board. I also took close ups so you can see my sections. There are some 3-D elements to it as well. My daughter loves when I do my board that way, LOL!


I hung it up near my bed so I see it each morning. It’s important for me to hold the vision I have for my life so seeing it each morning when I wake up and each night when I go to bed helps me stay focused.

Click an image to see it up close then leave a comment to tell me about your dreams, goals, or vision board.


Here is the entire I Have a Dream Speech to watch. I hope it inspires you to dream bigger today.