Happy New Year! I thought it would be fitting to feature my weight loss story to help motivate those of you who have decided to drop a few pounds this year. I believe losing weight is just as much about changing your mind and beliefs as it is about changing your eating habits (I don’t believe in diets) and moving your body.

Read and ask me any question you want in the comments. We all need support so I’m here to help.

RichSingleMomma.com Weight Loss Challenge

Top Left – Size 6 | Bottom Left – Size 14 | Right – Size 8

I’ve lost weight and I’m happy about it. It was a conscious decision but it wasn’t a major undertaking.

Over the last three years I went from a size 8 to a size 14. That’s pretty significant and I was starting to feel it in my joints. It actually hurt to sit, stand, and lay down for extended periods of time.

My knees started to look like two chubby little faces. Though I love chubby little cute faces I don’t want them on my knees.

I Wanted to Lose Weight But Not Look Anorexic
So I decided I would drop the pounds and get back down to a size 8. Anything less and I look sickly. One time, years ago, I got down to a size 4. That was NOT cute! I looked anorexic and I got a lot of concerned looks from family and friends. That is what depression will do for you.

At that time I felt out of control pertaining to the things that was happening in my life. Not eating was the thing I could control so I just stopped eating regular meals. In fact I would only drink water and juice most of the time. I’d eat a baby food jar sized portions of food maybe twice a day or I’d only eat once a day. That was not a good time for me. I eventually started eating again and all was well.

I’ve had my ups and downs with my dress size but I never got up to a size 14. This was absolutely unacceptable. I refused to buy more than a few clothing pieces in that size and vowed I would lose the weight. My achy-breaky knees and joints were the last straw.

My Secret Walking Challenge

Last October I did a 30- day walking challenge. I didn’t tell anyone about it; I just did it. I walked around my neighborhood for 30 minutes pretty much every day. I set the time on my Google calendar and when the alarm went off I went walking. I took my time and refused to try to walk a marathon.

I walked a little further each day while listening to a motivational audiobook, music, the bible, or just prayed. It was an awesome time. I completed my challenge and by the end I dropped one dress size. I continued walking but not as consistently.

Pretty soon the weather got colder and I didn’t walk that much. I turned to Zumba (affiliate link) and games on the Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board. Again it wasn’t consistent but it was something. My son got a kick out of me struggling and getting knocked off the games on the Wii. He played with me and we had great laughs.

Changing the Way I Eat

I knew I would need to change the way I ate so I decided to cut my food portions. I absolutely abhor dieting because it only offers temporary results. Lifestyle change is much more effective for me and it was easy because I’ve always been a pretty healthy eater.

I ate more salads and ate half the portions I had gotten used to eating. I cut down on eating my favorite fast foods, only treating myself every one or two times a week. I ate more fruit, specifically an apple each morning before I ate anything else. My body responded well and eliminated its waste regularly, which is one of the keys to effective weight loss.

I’m Not an Expert
During the winter months I continued losing weight. I don’t claim to be an expert but I do know my body and how it operates. My metabolism kicks in when I start moving and exercising. The extra weight melts away. I know my blood type and basic body structure. I have observed what works and doesn’t work for me over time. With this information I’ve been able to create a program that works for me. More importantly I don’t feel deprived or burdened. It’s a natural part of my life. I feel much better and am elated that I am back in a size 8.

I don’t know if what I did will work for you. You have to experiment, set goals like losing a dress/pant size, and make lifestyle changes in your eating. You also must move your body. Try to do something fun like swimming, tennis, cycling, or just dancing to music in your living room or bedroom.

It’s Equally About the Body and Mind

Losing weight is just as much a mental process as a physical process. I could not focus on losing pounds but deciding to lose a couple of dress sizes worked for me. It was discouraging to weigh myself and see little movement when my clothes were getting bigger. My body structure was a factor and it is well known that the cookie cutter BMI and weight standards do not fit everyone. So I stopped weighing myself and focused on the size of my clothes.

Feeling great is motivation to keep the weight off. As I get older I am noticing that I ache more than I used to. Stiffness and soreness come easier. It was worse when I was a size 14 but now that I have dropped a few dress sizes I bounce back quickly and don’t feel sore all the time. I determined I would not allow my age to tell on me or look like and old lady. I am determined to be as beautiful and as sexy as I can be.

Next Step? Getting Toned!
My next goal is to get toned. I enjoy weight training and know it will help in keeping my weight at an optimal level.  My journey didn’t take long, only 7 months. That progress was not too fast and not too slow. I am happy with how things turned out and I hope you will find a way to reach your optimal weight through a combination of eating healthy, eating smaller portions, and moving your body.

Remember that is starts in your mind and with a decision. Once you are good in those two areas the rest is a small piece of cake 😉 Thank you for letting me share my weight loss story with you.