While perusing online stories about single moms I came across this one about an organization that gives free car repair for it’s city’s single moms. It’s a very uplifting story of one man’s quest to help single moms get car service. It started out as a ministry in his church but it grew exponentially in 6 weeks so he had to branch out and form a nonprofit organization called Hands of the Carpenter. At first the services included home and car repair but the car repair requests became the most popular request at 600 calls in that first 6 week period.

It’s people and organizations like this that make life easier for the single mom who may be struggling financially but need basic services. A broken down car adds to the burden we face so God bless the people who are offering services like this.

Hands of the Carpenter is located in Denver, Colorado but there are other organizations around the country that offer similar services. Here’s a list of a few organizations in the US that are helping single moms with auto repairs or transportation:

Helping Hands for Single Moms – Scotsdale, Arizona
Wheels of Success – Tampa, Florida
Christian Auto Repairmen Serving (CARS) – Indiana