The kids and I, along with my mom, ventured out to Stone Mountain to attend the Yellow Daisy Festival. The sky was gray with clouds so I was praying it wouldn’t rain. It did sprinkle a little but it was short lived.


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Bring on the Muggies

Sheesh it was hot and muggy out there! Welcome to true Georgia weather. It felt like a sauna out there, but thankfully the festival was under shade trees.

Food Samples and Art, a Beautiful Combination

I wasn’t expecting to see so many food companies with samples. Our first stop was at Logan Turnpike Mill tent where they were selling packaged mixes. They had grits and pancake samples for people to try. We picked up a bag a buttermilk biscuit mix to my son’s delight. He loves cooking and baking so he will have fun learning how to make the biscuits.






We had sample beverages, salsa and chow-chow, and pecans. I had the cocoa with a hint of peppermint and a margarita (virgin) slush drink. My daughter had a hot chocolate beverage and my son had the strawberry lemonade.

At the salsa and chow-chow tent my mom and daughter had the peach mango salsa. I had the black-eyed pea salsa which was amazing!

We got in line to taste a variety of homemade dips. We got a handful of pretzels then went down the line to taste each dip that’s made by adding mayo and/or sour cream. It was so good that we bought three kinds for $12.

The pecan samples were tasty but I didn’t buy any of them.

The Things You can do with Fabric, Leather, Metal, and More!

I always love seeing what artisans will come up with from raw material. This festival did not disappoint. Below are a few images of the arts, crafts, and other sights we saw.









The Biggest Festival in the South?

I think this festival is bigger than any other arts festival in the Atlanta area. We didn’t see everything because it would have taken a couple more hours. If you are craving a bit of art, you should definitely make your way out to the Yellow Daisy Festival this weekend.

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