To get what you want, sometimes it costs money. But other times money is non-existent or limited. Sometimes we deserve to get something we want or have earned. Being creative can be a helpful tool to obtain what you have been yearning for. Follow these following steps to get yourself on the creative path!

The first step towards your creative path is to look past money, and to release negative thoughts and tension. When you relax about whatever money crunch you are in, it allows you to think clearly. The next step is to get creative and discover other ways to get what you want, especially without using your money. Sometimes bartering can be a useful tool in getting what you want. It was, after all, the first form of exchange for goods and items centuries ago. This brings us to step number three, which is to barter with people, moms, businesses, and etc to get what you want. Bartering is still practiced, and at times, it can be a preferred form of payment. Step four is to open up your creative mind and eyes, and think of ways to get what you want without being trapped in the “not enough money” syndrome.

True needs are the bare essentials for existence like food and shelter, but sometimes obtaining these essentials is hard without enough money. Sometimes to get something you have to give something, which in the end allows everybody to win. Just like in the previous articles, giving something away can come back tenfold.