Running your own business has never been a piece of cake. It requires hard work, persistence and a proper vision without which you cannot turn your investments into profits.

Conventionally, only men are considered as the sole breadwinner of the family and women are given the duty to raise a family which itself is an incredible and strenuous job. Some women, however, have managed to run their own businesses from home and managed to raise a family, all at the same time. They did not let their motherhood become a setback. They came up with unique ideas and transformed them into businesses operating from the comfort of their home and looking after their children.

Here we talk about a few mom entrepreneurs who have their online clothing business and living their dream life:

Evelyne Teman ( has managed to earn $500,000 by selling her old clothes through a website called Poshmark. It started in 2011 when she came across an online advertisement that presented her with an idea to earn money while selling old clothes. Evelyne signed up for this website and is now one of the most reputable sellers on Poshmark. Evelyne has managed to sell almost 10,000 items through this site. She has more than five hundred thousand people following her on the website. Kudos to Evelyne for this achievement, a mother of four boys who did not let her motherhood become an obstacle towards her success in this business. You can find more about her work and follow her through her Poshmark’s profile.

Rachael White set up an online eBay shop Thingimijigs (now in 2004. She managed to sell kids old clothes and turned it into a £ 1.5 million business. Her husband accompanied her in this business, and initially, they considered it a part-time business. Neither Rachael, nor her husband had any idea their business would grow to such an extent that they would not need to look for jobs anymore. They started on eBay, selling kids old clothes, which were of no use to them anymore, and now they have transformed their business to an entirely new level. You can find all sorts of costumes, dresses, and gifts for children. Rachael now has six staff members who help her in this business, and she hires temporary workers during Christmas days when the workload increases drastically. She is another example of a mom who embraced her motherhood with pride and did not let it become a setback for her success in professional life.

Lauren Thom, a single mother of three children, is the founder of Fleurty Girl ( Fleurty Girl is an online retail business that is based in New Orleans. Lauren herself is from New Orleans, and local New Orleanians make most of her products. She sells different accessories among which shirts are highly popular. You can find a variety of shirts on her website for various age groups. Lauren is an inspiration for many single mothers as she managed to raise her children on her own and concurrently developed her business. You can find more about her story, about the company and products she offers through her website.

If you’re interested in setting up your own e-commerce store, you can always start out with third-party sites like Amazon and eBay. But for those who are willing to level up their game, you can set up your own online clothing business through Shopify. Shopify is one of the many e-commerce platforms that allows you to transform your website and manage everything online. For WordPress users, Woocommerce is a popular platform for selling online. However, for those on a tight budget, Facebook groups and Instagram are great ways to start selling online.

If you’re not into fashion, your creative juices can still work out to make yourself a mom entrepreneur with designs. Nicky Laatz is a great example of a mom who designed her way to 1 million dollars by selling fonts and designs, online.

From fashion to designing, mothers worldwide can do more and empower themselves through their businesses. Because of their dream and passion, they have achieved more than what they had envisioned. Cheers to all mompreneurs!