Welcome to the weekend edition of the RichSingleMomma TV Show! Runtime: 30 minutes 29 seconds

Do you have a vision for your life? My guest on the RichSingleMomma TV show is Terri L. Clay. She was a single mom who went through some of the most challenging situations in life. She overcame domestic violence, poverty, and apparent failure.

Today she is a motivational speaker and workshop leader. It is all because she had a vision for her life. Terri teaches women how to create a vision for their lives through Vision Board parties.

I chat with Terri about her life, her struggles, and her triumphs as a single mom. She shares a heartbreaking secret that should have crushed her, but she grew stronger instead.

Terri is the author of From Fab to Fierce. It is her biography and motivational tool to help you reach your dreams. You can find the book on Amazon.com right now.

Here is Terri’s contact information:

Terri Clay, Inspirational speaker
Terri L Clay Enterprises
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/tclayis
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/terriclay
youtube: www.youtube.com/tclayis
Linkdin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/terriclay

Author of the Book From Fab to Fierce

Listen to this amazing conversation and leave a comment below. Did you do a vision board this year? Have you ever done one before? Did you see the dreams become a reality?