Single motherhood is hard. It’s a circumstance (not an identity) that can be depressing, agonizing, and down right painful.

For me it was one of the hardest pills to swallow because I never saw myself this way when I was growing up. I was the good little church girl who would never become a single mom.

But it happened any way. Sometimes life throws you curve balls. You either catch it or get knocked out. It took a while for me to accept the curve ball and finally admit that this was my experience.

Before the acceptance I had much resistance, anxiety, and shame. I held my head down and felt sorry for myself.

My life was a mess because of my choices. It was hard to get over the feeling of failure.

But a series of new decisions got me to the point of resolve and resolution to start my life over (with kids in tow) and do what I needed to do to get over myself.

After a few successes like graduating with honors, getting a super cool job with NASA, and buying a house I felt redeemed.

But then I had a few more failures like bad marriages, bankruptcy, and unemployment. I felt like I would break but I decided it wasn’t a good time to give up on life.

I allowed myself to heal, move to another city, and start over…again.

I’m telling you all this because I believe in second (and third) chances. I believe healing is possible and sometimes you have to tell your story to get the healing.

For me it was writing a book because I’m a writer. For you it may be writing a book too (I can help you with that) or it may be creating a film, writing poetry, writing a song, or any number of things.

The point is, you can heal through creative ways.

You just have to decide you are ready to begin.