Extra money is a constant need in any family or lifestyle. With taxes, loans, credit cards, and other unavoidable expenses, a little extra cash would be pretty helpful, especially with the upcoming holidays around the corner. Consider these following tips when finding motivation and new means of getting extra cash.

In most cases, it’s almost a bad idea not to have multiple streams of income coming in. A great way to make extra money is to utilize your skills and talents and make money off of that. Doing things that you are passionate about to make extra money is good motivation, and a rewarding side hustle. If you don’t have anything you’re passionate about, try to do services or create services that people need (or want) and fulfill them. Another way to make money is by taking a class on starting your own business through your local Chamber of Commerce; you don’t have to have an MBA to run a business.

Making extra money doesn’t have to be consistent at first as long as it’s helping to meet what you need or want. Either way, having extra money can always help towards your savings or rainy day funds like mentioned in a previous article. For more ideas check out: richsinglemomma.com/weblog/category/side-hustles.