Whether you’re a makeup aficionado who watches tutorials about how to apply the perfect eye shadow combination for hours everyday, or a mother of twins who doesn’t feel like pulling your two rambunctious toddlers in and out of car seats and shopping carts, and from plaza to plaza, Mamma.com has all the coupon codes and its the one-stop-shop answer to your shopping needs.

From A to Z the range of stores on the website is phenomenal – everything from American Eagle Outfitters to Zales jewelry store. And for pet lovers, they even have coupon codes for Petco, my favourite pet store.

You can buy an elegant blouse, get the necklace to wear with it, check out the latest frames and get them shipped free, while simultaneously stocking up on Havoline motor oil.


If you’re in the mood to pick up a few things, but don’t want the hassle of navigating through holiday traffic, just think about your mama and add another m – and of course the .com.

People traffic can be just as bad. No matter how accurate a GPS is, it still can’t take away the agitated crowd of last minute gift purchasers, line-jumpers, and shopping carts wars you go through once you’re inside of a store. Those kinds of episodes can test your patience and can sometimes put a damper on the in-store shopping experience.


I consider myself an organized shopper. The first thing I do when I know there’s going to be a need to make multiple purchases is keep a pad and pen handy so I can jot down the things I notice day to day. If I try to make a running list in my head, I always forget.

My list starts on one page, then ends on another as if it’s a final edit or something.

Example: Running low on tissue in the guest bathroom. Logan wants to use my laptop too much…maybe he’s old enough to have his own. Printer running out of ink. Need to buy wool or corduroy skirts with coordinating boots for fall and winter.

By the time payday rolls around, the list looks more polished.


1. Buy One Get One Free coupon code for Charmin bath tissue.

2. Lenovo has a deal on laptops for 23% off.

3. Lord & Taylor has a 30% off sale on women’s shoes and boots.

4. Forget about skirts…the dresses at Forever 21 are just what the doctor ordered!


Coupons have their place, but nothing beats being able to buy the item that you want, already at a discounted price. Mamma.com differs from other shopping venues because all the stores and services listed, give you sweet deals from the start. You don’t have to search for discounts. Each vendor advertises their discounted sale of the day, up front.

I was just getting ready to pamper myself with some perfume, then saw Estee Lauder’s deal at Norstrom and got a gift with my purchase. That’s the little extra I deserve!