I got an email from the developers of an allowance management tool called MoneyTrail.net. According to the developer:

MoneyTrail is a free, online allowance and money management system for kids, teens and families.  Kids and teens learn money management skills by tracking their cash, allowance, IOUs, gift cards and cash.  We believe that when a child knows how much money they have and have goals in mind for that money, they will learn to make smart saving and spending decisions.  MoneyTrail also saves a parent time by eliminating the hunt for the calendar to determine when allowance was last paid or how much money is owed.

I think this is an excellent tool for all families because it’s easy to lose track of what money is owed for extra work and chore that are done. My daughter does work for me so I know how easy it is to forget how much I owe her.

I like that they have an app for the iPhone, Android, and even the Nintendo DS. Everyone can download and use the program to keep track of everything. Of course you can use the website as well. The software is free as are the apps.