This is a guest post that will give you some ideas for making extra money or start a side hustle. The options are endless but don’t get stuck trying to decide what side gig or business to start. Jump in and try to make $100 as well as decide if you like it. For some that may seem reckless but you have to try a few things out to see if it works before you spend more time and money on an idea that you hate or doesn’t increase your bank account.

By Cindy Morus

Recently a client asked if I had any quick and easy ways to make extra money? She was interested in putting some into savings and paying off some debt, too. There are many ways to make extra cash even when you are working full time. One of the best ways to make more money in your spare time is to do something you love and to find someone who will pay you for it. Here are a few.

Collectors, computer savvy individuals, and the natural salesmen can all make a few bucks by setting up an eBay account and selling all the items they have stored around the house. If it’s boxed up and covered with dust then you aren’t using it. Why not send it to someone who will truly appreciate it, and you can appreciate the cash in its place.

Almost every weekend, somewhere in the United States, some city or town is holding a fair or festival that offers booth spaces for crafters. Get your hobby to work for you by attending some the festivals and selling the items that you have been giving away as gifts. It might help to visit a few first to get a feel for the different crafting trends and the best locations for your booth space.

If you’re an artist, you could do caricatures or paint murals in children’s room or beautify buildings. My daughter does pencil drawings from a photograph and they make lovely gifts

Digging in the dirt is not for everyone, but almost everyone loves having a beautiful yard. If you have a green thumb, then why not offer to share that with others. It might be surprising how many people will take you up on the offer. It will probably be downright shocking how much they are willing to pay for the service. I know I’d love to have some help in this area!

If you don’t want to labor away in other people’s yards, then why not sell the fruits of your labor from your own yard. Pot up some of the multiplications your plants have grown and sell them at the local flea market. Find a local farmers’ market to sell excess fruits, vegetables or flowers.

Take seasonal or temporary work – as long as it doesn’t interfere with your full-time job and you still have some time to yourself. A part-time job can be the perfect way to make that extra income you need for a special goal.

Affiliate yourself with a great product like Send Out Cards which I use to generate more referrals for my work as well as offer it to others who want to use it (and I make a commission).

Get an “alcohol pouring license” or “food handler card” so you can tend bar, work at catering events, festivals and wine tastings. Check with your state liquor control commission or public health department for requirements and training.

Be a coach, umpire or tutor or give music lessons if you have skills in this area. Contact local schools and colleges, athletic leagues and community education programs. Musicians can offer their services for weddings, parties and funerals., and let you advertise and bid on projects. I’ve found some really great folks for writing, editing, web design, transcription, programming and more.

If you need some extra income or just want to make some quick or easy cash, then look at what you have, what you like to do for a hobby. Sell off anything that you don’t need or want, use your skills or talents to meet needs that others may have, or take a part-time job to reach the financial plans you have for your future.

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