Did you pick up the Single Mom Survival and Success Kit? If so you know part of the kit includes 200 side hustles to make extra money, because, let’s face it, sometimes you just need extra money. That sounds great at first but how do you choose the right side hustle or method for you?

To choose the best business for you I’ve put together a quick guide for choosing the right business for you. Download the Side Hustle Business Worksheet to come up with the right business for you.

1. Look at Your Past Jobs

In looking at your past jobs decide if you want to continue doing that kind of work. My professional career was technical writing so I decided to use my writing skills to make extra money on the side.

2. Take a Second Look at Your Hobbies

Is it something you can turn into a business? Do people rave about your knitting, cooking, photography? One of the things I enjoyed doing was baking. My mom taught me how to bake when I was 10 years old. I turned that hobby into a cake business at a young age.

3. Take Inventory of Your Skills

Make a list of all the skill you have learned over the years. You could have learned these skill on the job or in school. That skill is the thing that could bring in $1,000 or more in extra income per month.

4. Make a List of the Results

Once you think about all the jobs, hobbies, skills and natural talents, make a list and pick the top three things that appeals to you the most. Next do an informal survey of your family, friends, and network to determine if they would pay for the service you are thinking of offering.

5. See if There is a Market for Your Side Hustle

Another way to determine if the service you might offer will be profitable is to see if there are many people looking for the service online. Use Google keyword tool to do an exact search for phrases related to your service. For example, if you plan to offer dog grooming service enter the phrase “dog grooming service in [your city]” into the keyword tool. Be sure to click the exact phrase option on the left side of the screen. Your search results should be at least 10-20K or more searches for your phrase.

6. Do the $100 Side Hustle Business Test

Finally, place an ad on Craigslist or other free classified ad for your service. If you make at least $100 you may have a good service to offer. If not choose the next thing on the list and repeat the process. You will find the right business for you.

Additional Side Hustle Business Advice for Moms

Do you need more help deciding what business to start. I can help you come up with at least 5 profitable businesses to choose from. I offer Business Advice for Moms in a 45 minute conversation. Click the link above to find out more and start making extra money now!