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I’m trying out a new segment. It’s all about keeping it real for myself and for my readers.

The reality is, I am not a maid. I don’t want to be a maid. I was not created to wait on anyone, much less my children, hand and foot.

You are a Mother, Life Coach, and Motivator…not a Maid

I believe I am here to be a life coach for my kids.

  • I coach them about the realities (and beauty) in life.
  • I teach them how to live and survive on their own.

Part of that means they have to learn how to clean up after themselves, learn how to cook, do their own laundry, learn how to shop, choose their own clothes, etc.

Stop Feeling Guilty and Trying to Do it All

I see too many moms, especially single moms feeling guilty because they don’t have the energy to do everything for their families and be perfect.

A long time ago I felt the same way and it nearly drove me crazy. But I had a reality check and adopted the mindset that I was not the maid, but I am the

  • CEO
  • Household Manager
  • Queen of my home

Be the CEO and Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

I learned to delegate age-appropriate tasks to the kids and do the things they couldn’t possibly do like cook at least three meals a week (nope, I don’t cook everyday) and drive to places we wanted to go.

Because I didn’t shoo my kids away when I cooked they learned how to prepare simple meals for themselves or the family. Years ago this is how kids learned, side-by-side with their parents. It’s how I learned.

The Benefits of Being the Queen Bee and Training Them Well

Now my kids cook and serve me meals to give me a break sometimes. I love it when my son asks me if I want something to eat or drink and he brings me a plate or cool glass of juice. He loves doing it for me and I praise him in return. He will make some woman very happy one day.

So take a page from my book of reality ladies. Stop killing yourself by slaving away from morning to night. Trash the maid mentality and assume the Household Manager mindset. The kids are your household helpers and will be thankful that you taught them how to survive and thrive once they leave your nest.

Now go sit down somewhere and have a great weekend!