7pm phone remote

The 7pm is quite nifty. I got up a little early to set it up and found that it was actually fun. 7pm comes with an attachment for your phone and with the app you can control your tv’s channels and volume with the push of a button or a shake of the wrist. It also let’s you star your favorite channels.

Set up was pretty simple and straight-forward, you just follow the directions. Although it took me longer than it should because I did not have my phone at the proper angle in relation to the TV. You are also supposed to be able to add multiple devices, so you would be able to turn off the blu ray and turn on the game all with your phone. Sadly I was not able to accomplish this.

All and all I thought it was a pretty decent app. So for you TV heads who constantly lose your 8″ remote hopefully you will be able to keep up with the 2″ attachment that come with the 7pm.