The dragons were alive at the Ringling Bros circus and the show was pretty good. The kids and I got our tickets and stood in line to get my bag checked and enter Philips Arena. While we waited it was windy and cold but that didn’t stop the animal rights protesters standing in front of the arena with their bullhorns and signs. The circus program vendor had his own state of the art mic greeting the circus-goers in a louder voice.

We got inside and walked past all the souvenirs and food items. I stopped to get the kids lemonade before we found our seats. Fortunately, we ate before we got there (a momma’s preplanning works wonders for the wallet) so I didn’t bother to get any food, including popcorn.

We were there for the pre-show where the kids could go down and meet the clowns, jump in the jumping play castle, and even see an elephant up close and personal. My kids are older so it wasn’t very fascinating for them so we sat and waited.


The show finally started and I must say I like the new theme of Strength, Courage, Wisdom, and Heart. The costumes were great and the little person was one of my favorites. The kept us waiting to see the dragon but in the meantime we got see the acrobats and trapeze artists. Had fun watching the clowns and the pony, dog and cat shows in three rings.

There was much more to see. Overall we weren’t disappointed. I think my favorite part of the event was the half-time wave and dance party. My son was embarrassed that I was up having fun and dancing. But what else was there to do but have fun.

Overall I give the circus a B- and the half-time fun an A. But judge for yourself when you go.