Saving is something that everyone should do regardless of how much money you make and what your status is socially and professionally. As talked about in the previous article “Rainy Day Funds” and other articles, it is always a good idea to save money for times that you cannot foresee from now. It is also a good idea to save for the little things that you have deserved over the year, or have wanted for a long time.

To get started on saving your money, get creative and buy a piggy bank, change jar (one that can track how much you deposit), mattresses,, etc. Being creative can make it fun to save, and easy to store it away from yourself. Sometimes people wait till their change jar, piggybank, or whatever container they use to overflow and deposit it. Another good way to save is to take out a 401K with your job (if they have one). They’ll take it out before your pay is taxed and deposit it into an account for you. Other things that can go into savings, whether an account or a container, is student loan refunds, stimulus checks, birthday money, and even your lottery winnings!

Whichever way you choose to save, make sure you always add to it, and not subtract from it. Saving money will always come in handy, and it will make you feel a lot richer than you might have been feeling before.