Up until three months ago, every weekend I would see this beautiful little girl running around the church halls with her cousins. She was talkative and eager to be a part of the crowd. She was adored, loved, safe and simply a joy to see every weekend.

But I don’t see her smiling face or hear her laughter anymore. She is no longer coming to my church. Her voice is silenced and it’s because she is in California in the middle of a fight for her life.

You see, this little girl is in the middle of a custody battle that should not even be going on. Her mother gave up her parental rights at birth, but because of some paperwork mix up the papers were not filed correctly so the mother retains rights to this child.

The mother is a stripper (just what we single moms need, a confirmed stereotype) and is involved with a man of questionable character and background. The man is said to have sexual misconduct in his background.

So what is the issue? This once happy little girl has told her father that she is being cut with a knife in the behind, she is getting shots, she’s being left in the car all alone on hot days, and she’s being tied up. This little girl is only three years old!

There have been medical exams that confirm bruises from possible beatings and she is emotionally withdrawn. Until recently she would scream and cry when it was time to leave her father and go back to her mother. Now she is going back without a fight because all hope is gone.

But her father is not giving up hope. His is not letting this go. He refuses to let his little girl remain in an environment that may kill her. The worst part of this story is the authorities are doing nothing to move this case along.

They will not believe this little girl’s story because she is too young. She is one of millions of children who fall between the cracks in the system. She is one of millions that endure physical, sexual, and psychological abuse for years until someone finally believes them or they end up dead.

This little girl’s name is Lizzie. She is three years old and she needs your help!

Please sign the petition to get her case investigated deeper. Sign the petition to start the process of awarding her father full custody. Sign the petition and help save her life!

How many more little girls have to die at the hands of their mother and her boyfriend before the courts step in?