Last night i watched an episode of Single Ladies. It’s one of my guilty pleasures. The show has added a single mom to the mix which i think is a clever move and makes things interesting.

The single mom rarely dates but she is at an event with her new friends and notices a man noticing her. She’s giving him the look smiling and sending all the signals that tells him to come over and say something. He never does and her girlfriends tell her it’s because there are too many women sitting there to make it safe to approach.
They give her pointers and she heads over to the area where he is standing. She uses more body language that looks more like yoga in a chair to entice him to speak but it does not invite a positive response or at least not what she wants to hear. Exasperated she asks him out to dinner because she is running out of time (she has to get home to her daughter) so she scribbles her name and number on a napkin and tells him to call her. I think it was a desperate move and would set her up for a challenging if not failed relationship.

I was skeptical that he would call but apparently he did because the next scene with her was them on a date. They laughed and talked, and then the check came. He gave some lame reason/excuse about usually being old fashioned and always paying but he was going to be nice and let her pay, and then slid the check over to her. She laughed it off after the shocked look then reached for her purse and paid. Later he asked her if she wanted to spend more time together while he moved in closer. She declined saying she had an early day coming. He persisted with asking again and kissed her. He was coming on strong and was basically trying to seduce her with the kiss.

I’ll stop right here and ask you if she should have asked him out in the first place? Would you have done that?


Should she have paid the bill? Would you have paid?


Should she have let him kiss her after she paid for the meal? Would you have let him kiss you? Do you kiss on the first date?


Do you carry “mad” or extra money just in case your date pull a stunt like this guy did? Do you expect the guy to pay every time?


I’d really like to hear your comments. Let’s have a discussion about who pays for dates and why you feel the way you do. This is all about finances because dates aren’t always free.


I’ll share my thoughts in part two but only if i get at least 10 comments on this article.