Ask Rich Single MommaRecently I received a letter from a mom whose ex-husband lost his job and probably won’t have money to pay child support for a while. Her hours at work were reduced and she is scrambling to find a way to make extra money or start a side business to supplement her income.

She asked for my advice so this post will serve to answer her question.

I dug through the Rich Single Momma archives and found 9 articles that speak to her question. There are over 15 ways listed within these articles for this single mom to begin making extra money today.

Sell Possessions for Quick Cash

To sum the articles she can begin by selling some of her possessions either through the local classified ad, through craigslist, or at the local pawn shop. Having a yard sale (especially during this time of year) is also a very good option.

Cook or Bake for Quick Cash

If she has cooking and/or baking skills she can buy some ingredients to make cakes, cookies, or whatever her specialty item is and sell them to the neighbors and co-workers. If she makes up some samples to give away she could get pre-orders.


Use Everyday Skills for Quick Cash

Use Everyday Skills for Quick Cash

If cooking is not her thing, she could use her everyday skills to make extra money. Many people learn basic typing and computer skills, and perhaps have had a class in using Windows or Adobe Photoshop in school. Technology becomes more and more advanced each year, delivering information to our fingertips, enabling us to learn new skills.

These resources could be used to make extra cash with necessary tasks such as filing taxes with TurboTax, or logging accounts with Quicken. A lot of the usual clerical skills are now learned in grade school, and can be useful in small self employment opportunities. There is variety of resources available on the web that could enhance your knowledge of these easy to use skills, and help you earn an income.

The Biggest Reason We Fail

The biggest issue many people have is fear of their plan failing. They are afraid to try because it might not work. This is a very valid fear. When I first started making money on the side I was not all that confident.

I tested things out first to see if there was any interest. The way most products or services sell is through word of mouth or recommendations. People do it everyday. A friend or family member has a good experience with a product or service and they tell someone else.

Spread the Word to Make Quick Cash

The key is to beginning telling people about what you are offering. If you are giving samples of food it should be fairly easy to get things going. If people are asking you for certain things all the time it may be a clue that what you have to offer is or can be in demand.

First Things First for Quick Cash

If this single mom is in desperate need of money then I suggest she begin selling possessions first. It can be books, popular DVDs, small electronic items, instruments, clothing, furniture, or other valuables. Selling her gold jewelry is also a very good way to get a good amount of money fast.

These tips will help this single mom make money quickly. She doesn’t have to struggle or be afraid there are no options for her. The reality is there are many ways to make extra money in a short period of time.

Below are links to the archived articles on what I like to call side hustles or how to make extra money.

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I hope you enjoyed reading How to Make Cash Quickly.

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