Get creative with your savings techniques. Piggy bank, change jar, online interest bearing account, PayPal, mattresses.

All of these items and location are places to save your money. But it really isn’t about where you save it but how you save it.

For some the savings comes out in addition to tithe or other charitable donations. For others it comes out before taxes on the payroll into a 401K account.

Still others save all their loose change and deposit it when it overflows the container they are using. Whatever method you decide to use, the key is to be consistent.

Saving $5 or $10 per pay period or per month is better than nothing. Keeping it safe from your prying hands may be another challenge but when you commit to saving and you have a purpose behind it you will leave it alone.

So decide why you are saving your money, find a picture to keep proximately on your bathroom mirror, and start saving.