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I recently put together a list of scholarships for single moms based on many requests. Sometimes it’s helpful to see what’s actually out there versus being lead on by promises of grant and scholarship money here and there. Too many times I’ve seen women frustrated because they got the run around about how to find these money sources and begin to think they really don’t exist. The truth is they do exist.

It’s important to understand the limitations of the abundant claims the swirl over the heads of moms who simply want to go back to school and create a better life. I outline these limitation in The Truth About Grants for Single Mothers.

To answer the question and provide a real resource I create The Single Mom Grant Guide. In this report I cover two important things for single moms. The first discusses how to find and maintain life balance when you are in school, parenting, and working. The second section lists hundreds of financial resources including where to find local, state, and federal grants as well as hundreds of scholarships just for single mom, women, and non-traditional students.

To see a small sample list of scholarships check out the Single Mom Scholarships page. To see the full list pick up a copy of The Single Mom Grant Guide. This report is a very small investment in your future that will yield enormous results.