As much as it seems like I am content to be single I want you all to know it’s total BS!!! I don’t hate being single but I strongly dislike not being a part of a healthy coupled relationship. I’m not without options but the question is are they quality options? That’s what I’m holding out for and you should too. Read on to see the 10 Worst Things About Being a Single in a Couple’s World served with a cup of humor.

Being able to take up the whole bed, watch whatever you want on TV and being accountable to nobody are just a few of the great perks of being single. Unfortunately, for many singles, those things are not always enough. Here are the ten worst things about being single:


All that love and happiness is only slightly counteracted by the free wine. Once you’ve attended your fifth wedding of the year, it’s hard to keep calm when people question you about your love life and tell you you’ll meet someone soon.

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Not having a partner in crime

Life is just better when you have someone special around all the time, keeping you company at the cinema, giving you excuses to get out of boring events, and stopping you from buying really stupid outfits. There’s not much that can beat having someone you can be with whenever you like.

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Your diet

No relationship means fewer reasons to eat well. It’s hard to keep preparing meals for one when you could just as easily break out the chips and jumbo-sized chocolate bars.

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Hanging out with couples

Singletons usually end up as the odd ones out at parties and other events. When you’re in a relationship, you’ve got some back-up should you want a breather – but when you’re single, you either try and fit in or go home alone. Third wheel, anyone?

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Worrying about being alone forever

Even the most resilient singles have 3am freak-outs where they worry they’ll never find love again. These freak-outs can also happen at parties, festive seasons or other people’s weddings (see above). To combat this, using sites such as eHarmony who match people based on their shared values and beliefs can help.

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Putting on a brave face

It’s only so long that you can convince your friends that you’re absolutely fine with being alone and you really don’t want to meet anyone. Ever. Really. It’s fine.

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Being told you’re too picky

Because of course that’s why you haven’t found love – you’re much too choosy. If only you’d married Johnny Depp/Scarlett Johanssen while you had the chance, eh?

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Seeing couples kissing in public

When you’re single, you really don’t want to be reminded of how happy and in love other people are at all times, particularly not first thing in the morning or when you’ve had a grueling day at work.

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Being ‘the single one’ in your group of friends

Spend enough time around couples and you start feeling like you’ve got ‘single’ stamped on your forehead whenever you go out anywhere. This is especially awkward when your friends start trying to set you up with every eligible person they meet.


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Valentine’s Day

Because there’s nothing worse than having an entire day dedicated to reminding you of how single you are (not to mention all the “maybe next year” comments from your coupled friends).

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10 Worst Things About Being a Single in a Couple’s World