single mom couponingWhen I first started clipping coupons I was baffled at how the women doing it could save so much money. I learned it was a matter keeping coupons for as long as possible which meant collecting coupon inserts each week.

Another clue to the coupon craze is to stockpile items when they go on sale at rock bottom prices. But how can I stockpile items when I only have one coupon? Ahhhhh…that’s one of the tricks or methods to the madness. The simple fact is you need many coupons for one item.

So instead of getting one paper get two or three. If that’s not possible you can ask family member or co-workers for their coupons if they don’t use them. The more coupons you have the better.

With this technique fresh in my mind I set out to buy three coupons the first week of my coupon clipping life. I was so happy to be able to get three sets of inserts.  This particular week there would be three inserts. Two from one company and one from another. I was so excited!

What I didn’t realize was the newspapers I got was a double edition. It contained the early edition and the late edition. Both had coupons in them so I had not three inserts but six! I had to laugh at myself and felt quite greedy, but I decided to look at it as a blessing.

I will have plenty of coupons to use for stockpiling items like soap, lotion, razors, canned goods, cereal, cleaning supplies, paper towels, toilet paper, etc. These items typically cost a lot when they aren’t on sale but by stockpiling you’ll have plenty for months to come or until the next sale. By then you will have more coupons.

Stockpiling helps reduce your weekly or monthly grocery bill because you are only purchasing perishable items like milk, eggs, fresh fruit and vegetables. It takes time to stockpile. I am concentrating on a few items at a time to start. I am learning there is no hurry.