imageJust when you thought you heard it all someone comes out with a tooth fairy calculator. How cute is that?!?!

If your little ones are going through the tooth lose phase you might as well pony up the  money, ma’am.

You can get the Tooth Fairy Calculator on your iPhone or iPad. It goes through a (semi) complicated process to calculate just the right about your kiddo should get.

Here is the description:

The Tooth Fairy Calculator helps parents determine how much the Tooth Fairy should leave their children. A parent can enter brief information about gender, education, state, age and household income to learn how much the Tooth Fairy should leave their child for each lost baby tooth.

The Tooth Fairy Calculator app also shows parents how inflation affects the amount the Tooth Fairy gives children. It shows parents how much the amount their children are receiving now would have been when they were young. Download now on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad to learn how much those precious pearly whites are worth. The Tooth Fairy Calculator from Visa is also available online at the Practical Money Skills website.

This app does not collect personal information.

Download it now—>>  Tooth Fairy Calculator – Visa Inc.