IMG_0190-150x112Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Samantha and I’m mom to two teens, Lexi and AJ. I have been solo parenting for the better part of 17 years. It’s been a mix of challenging and triumphant. but I’m pretty sure there is very little I would change. My kids saved my life because they taught me that I have an enormous capacity to love.

When my son was 6 months old I made the decision to relocate and start my life over. I was a wreck as a single mom of two kids under 5 years old, but I had dogged determination to create a life for the three of us. Over the next seven years I went from food stamps to home owner. I was in and out of an abusive marriage and on my way back to my home state of Georgia. In between all of that I got a degree, started my career, and went through unemployment. Whew! What a journey and it ain’t over yet. The fun is just beginning!

Why Rich Single Momma? was born in 2008 and is where I chronicle my journey to financial freedom. I was poor and now I’m…well… financially stable and on the road to being independently wealthy. However, I can say now I am rich in love, health, and talent. The wealth will surely follow, right?

I write about  personal finance, parenting, personal development, and affordable travel for single moms. I write with a touch of humor and a lot of compassion mixed with tough love.

My POP (purpose on the planet) is to encourage, inspire, and empower moms (really all women) who are hungry for happiness, abundance, and personal freedom. I do this through webinars, speaking, writing, and lifestyle strategy sessions.

My Belief About Single Moms

I believe with all my that heart single moms do not have to struggle endlessly with depression, poverty, and a chronic survival mentality. I am here to teach single moms they can be joyful, prosperous, and thrive! Welcome to my little spot on the Web! 

The Kids and Me
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Please Note: I am not a journalist but am a micro-publisher and owner of Liberated Lady Media. I publish several blogs, videos, and books each year for a specialized target audience. My blog is my business and is wholly subjective. When you contact me please be clear about how you’d like to work with me, and the win-win benefits for us both.

Contact me in the following ways:

Email: samantha

Phone: 404-939-6179

Skype: MsSammie (please state your reason for connecting)

Media Appearances

Samantha is available as a guest, expert, or co-host on your podcast, web show, radio, or television segment. Click below to listen to a few interviews I’ve done

Print / Online

Essence Magazine: Work and Wealth Holiday Shopping Challenge December 2013 issue (page 110) 5 Ways Women Accept Crummy Behavior From So-Called “Nice” Guys Mannies: Would you hire a manny? 4 Financial Survival Mindsets that Scare Away Financial Success How to Motivate Yourself During Difficult Times
AJC Decatur Book Festival: Emerging Writer’s Stage
The Motley Fool: Confessions of an Amateur, Wannabe, Newbie Investor
The Successful Single Mom: Single Mom Bloggers You Should Know profile Reinvention: A Course in Self-Discovery
Yahoo Shine!: Women Who Read 50 Shades of Grey Secretly Want to Be Dominated
Teen Mom NYC: Go Bulk or Go… Some Where Else?
The Young Mommy Life: Motivating Single Moms
Adriel Booker:  4 Ways Single Moms are Thriving

Syndicated Appearances:

Type-A Parent: Various syndicated articles How to Use Your Tax Refund to Make Extra Money (syndicated): Various syndicated articles 

Radio/Podcast Appearances:

In Da Streets Radio: Live Interview with Samantha Gregory
A Woman’s Heart Radio podcast: A Conversation with Samantha Gregory
Diamondnaire Radio: The Diamondnaire Lifestyles featuring Rich Single Momma
The Relationship Buzz Radio: Relationship Buzz: Black Taboos We Can’t Conquer What We Won’t Confront
Denise Bolds (The Bold Lioness Show): Denise Bolds: A Coalition of Single Motherhood
Co-Parenting Matters: Co-Parenting Matters: Co-Parenting Teens

Reviews, Event Coverage, and More

In the past I’ve worked with companies including:

  • Good Humor Ice Cream
  • Disney Theme Parks and Disney on Ice
  • Lifetime Movies
  • TV Land
  • Zappos
  • IO Gear
  • Ringling Bros. Circus
  • Wii U
  • Super Bowl Gospel Celebration

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Samantha Gregory is available to facilitate conversations for your group, organization, or college around the topics of:

  • No More Crumbs: Toxic Relationship Elimination Techniques for Church Girls, Sensitive Souls, and Abuse Survivors

  • Personal Empowerment for Positive Relationships

  • Mastering Your Money Mindset

  • How to be a Guilt-Free Mom

  • The Impact of Toxic Relationships on Career and Work Life

  • Spiritual Connections in Dating and Mating

  • No More Crumbs: Toxic Relationship Elimination for Teens/Young Adults


  • Girls Gone Loud: Inspiring Authentic Expression in Girls Lost in Silence Through Writing, Journaling, and Poetry (Coming in 2014)

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Working with Readers/Contributors

If you have tips, work-at-home leads, and suggestions for how single moms (parents) can make the most of their lives please contact me.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have about this blog, single parenting challenges, or reaching moms through social media.

Working with PR and Companies

My family and I enjoy traveling, amusement parks, music, reviewing great products, finding great deals, and connecting at conferences.

I am happy to hear from you about sponsoring this blog, advertising, and other mutually beneficial opportunities.

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