Single Mom Budget Worksheets

New Automatic Printable Single Mom Budget Worksheet!

Update: I have created a printable single mom budget worksheet of my own that you can download for free. Simply enter your after-tax monthly income and it automatically creates your budget for each category.

Click the image below to download the MS Word file and follow the instructions on page 2 (See the demo video below).

My car repair bills added up to $800. I could have been stressed about money and worried about my car breaking down. But I’ve learned the power of prayer and other habits that help me overcome financial stress. I share my tips in this video with you to encourage you to breath and know it will be okay.

How are you handling financially stressful times? How do you want to be able to handle them?

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My kids are teens but were excited to see the new Toys ‘R Us Holiday Big Book when it got to my house. It feels kind of strange to see them all excited but I have to remember there are more than just toys for toddlers to tweens in there.

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By Jason Alderman

When it comes to holiday spending, waiting in store lines all night and jostling for discounts will mean very little if you don’t have a budget that shapes your finances year-round. With the average U.S. household spending $600-$700 in 2014 for the holidays, putting that money together shouldn’t be a game of chance. Here are some tips to get it right:

I am big on reading and even bigger on kids who read. So occasionally I’m bringing books to your attention that are great for you or your kids. After all– Reading is Fun-damental! 

Today’s kid’s book spotlight is A Month of Bedtime Stories by Neil Roy McFarlane. Here are the details:

book_cover_frooont4Cowardly dinosaurs! Cockney pirates! Alien Dogs! Vertiginous squirrels! Time-traveling slugs! Fish in spacesuits! Hedgehogs disguised as fish! Cows disguised as ants! Disco-dancing horses!

This book of wacky bedtime stories places your child at the centre of each crazy adventure by making him/her the central character. Containing heavy doses of humour which can be enjoyed by parent and child alike, and with a whopping thirty-one stories, this collection is designed to last a month. But can you leave it to just one story per night?

“Written with a great love of vocabulary, with a musical style […] this book is not a month of bedtime stories, but a lifetime of them.” – Carole P. Roman, Kirkus Best of 2012 Award-winning Author

“Looney, wacky, imaginative and borderline crazy tales that McFarlane pens with absolute abandon.” – Grady Harp, Hall of Fame Amazon Top 100 Reviewer / Vine Voice

“I keep trying to get Mama to read more than one at night time – there are enough for a whole month but I don’t want to take that long to read them all!” – Raif (Age 5) San Francisco Book Review

Buy A Month of Bedtime Stories on

Available for e-reader, phone, tablet, PC, etc.

by Andrew Bycoffe

“The only man who sticks closer than a friend during hard times, is a creditor.”

We might laugh at the quote above, but if you’re laughing while being in debt, you’re probably cringing on the inside at the same time.  Debt, in itself, is not a funny part of life.  Quite the opposite, small to large quantities of debt often hang like a dark cloud through life, casting shadows of foreboding and hopelessness wherever we go.

Like so many, when we come to a place where there seems to be no financial means to change our situation, we turn a deaf ear to the calls and throw away the collection letters from the mail.  Essentially, we ignore the problem as best as we can while we continue to move forth into new stages of our lives.

Unfortunately, though we may apply all of the tricks in the book to successfully distancing ourselves from our debtor’s communications, our minds our often trapped within the heaviness of our new financial limitations.

You might ask, so what then can be done to move beyond debt’s darkness so that we can return to those more carefree sunny days of our past?  Read on, and we will show you…

1. Face the storm – Time to let yourself take a good look at that annoying dark cloud, and finally start expecting to see the sun.  By mentally addressing to your subconscious that you are about to find a solution to the nagging darkness, half of your struggle will already be won.

Stop doing the runaway two-step and stand instead with a power pose of authority towards your debt.  Take your mind into a conqueror’s mentality…the undefeated Susan…the unstoppable Rick.  Change that emotion of fear you feel into power instead.

Studies prove that we essentially will end up in the direction for which we aim our mind.  Take that truth and run the other way with it.  It’s time to stop hiding underneath that cloud and lasso it instead.  Take your authority with it, and you can tell it where to go.

2. Unmask the monster – Time to see the collector’s differently.  Remember that saying, “to kill stage fright, picture the audience nude?”  Well, this begins as the same concept.  Realize that your debt collectors are just people doing a job to make their living.  In short, let yourself realize that they do in-fact have a soul, and work with that.

The wonderful truth is, we are all human at the end of the day.  We all put our pants on the same way, just as we have all made both good and bad decisions.  Keep the perspective on your debt collector’s humanity in the forefront of your mind as you approach step three, and get ready to smile.

3. “Kill” them with kindness – This third step will take some focus, some patience and a really great cup of hot cocoa.  Well, maybe not the cocoa part, but it’s time to step into your happy zone and look at the debt collectors through rose colored glasses.

Get the conversations into the human friendly zone and treat them like your best friend.  The truth is, when it is all said and done, there is nothing more powerful than human connectivity.  Common grounds of understanding are powerhouses for negotiation…and blowing away your debt cloud.

4. Talk their ear off – This fourth action will require multiple actions, and will extend over a small amount of time.  Once you’ve established your BFF status with your debt collecting peeps, you must maintain your relationship.

Call them OFTEN and keep them informed.  If you are working out a settlement process with them, keep them up to date every step of the way.  You want to build rapport with them and cause them to feel that you are keeping things honest, open and clear.

Doing this will maintain extra grace for your situation along the way and possibly even delay legal issues they would otherwise take against you.

It’s not always an easy road to facing our darkness and our fears, but it can be an absolutely invigorating ride when we do!  Just remember to keep those sweet visions of sunny freedom within your mind as you go along this dynamic journey; and when you get to where you’ve always wanted to be…blissfully debt free, pass the energy on to others you know who are struggling as well.  Before long, we will all begin to see, that we are the only ones truly powerful enough to change our own skies.

If you would like more refreshing financial guidance and food for monetary life, check out my book ‘Cu$hion Money…Look What I Found’ on Amazon.