Join Pssst! And get free samples in the mail

A couple days ago I got a full-sized sample of a new healthy snack from nature valley. They are Granola bits, the nut lovers flavor. They are a bite-sized half-round granola and nut chunks. The flavor is not bad but I’m not crazy about the texture. I received about 7 or 8 $1.00 off coupons to give away to family and friends. If you’d like one just send me and email to samantha (at) The coupons will go to the first 7 people. To get free samples in the mail join Pssst!

The Netflix Alternative

If you love movies like my kids and I do then you’ll love Netflix. To me it’s a cheap alternative to cable. I’ve recently cut my cable service way back. Most of the time the TV wasn’t on or I just wouldn’t allow the kids to watch most of it. I had a bundled service including a home phone so since I rarely used the home phone I had the service disconnected, cut back to basic cable, but kept the high speed internet.

Netflix is my cheap alternative to cable in addition to having access to TV shows online through and With Netfix I get one dvd in the mail which doesn’t have late fees. I also get instant movie viewing online. In addition to movies there are a lot of kid shows, TV series, and documentaries. The $10 monthly fee is worth it compared to the $50-60 cable fee I was paying every month.

Right now Netflix is offering a free trial for one month. Normally the trial period is 2 weeks but they are extending it for select people. If you want to give it a try send me an email and I’ll forward you the 1 month trial special invitation.

 As a bonus and to see if you’d really like the Netflix instant viewing experience you can see The Wizard of Oz for free October 3. You do not have to be a member and you’ll have 24 hours to view the movie.

 Escape to a National Park….For Free!

I just learned that all 391 National Parks will have free admission on September 26, 2009. That day is a day of service and celebration. It’s a time to visit the park and lend a hand to make improvements or simply enjoy it’s beauty. More details are at the National Parks Service website. To find a park near you click on your state at the NPS website.

Be sure to send me an email (samantha (at) if you want coupons for the Nature Valley Granola snack or a free 1 month trial of Netflix (expires October 31, 2009).