The main way I make extra money is through Freelance Writing and Editing. It’s a very good way for people who love writing and know a lot about different subjects to make money.

I got started in freelance writing over 12 years ago. I started out editing my church bulletin and writing the newsletter. Then I ventured into resume and report writing for a few friends and clients.

After I got my degree in English and Communications I went into technical writing and editing for engineering firms. It has been a progression for me and I’m happy to say with each progression the money has gotten better.

Freelance writing isn’t for everyone. it takes a combination of talent and love of words. Hint: If you really don’t like reading you probably won’t like freelance writing.

But, if you were a member of the school newspaper and people always bring their papers to you for editing, freelance writing may be the thing for you.

To build your confidence start writing for content websites like Demand Studio, TextBrokers, and others. Start a blog to get practice and eventually begin recommending products. The larger your blog grows the greater your opportunity to accept paid ads.

The amount of money I make varies depending on the type of writing I do. The more specialized the content, the more I am able to charge.

In the past I’ve earned the following

Basic SEO article – $5 each with a 5 article minimum. The word count ranges from 250-350 words

Demand Studios articles – $15. Mostly consisted of how-to information based on what I already knew.

Specialty article – $75 The word count ranges from 500-1,000 and required 3-5 resources

Technical Editing – $30 hour

Technical Writing – $60 hour

So you see that it’s possible to make very good money as a freelance writer. There are so many blogs and websites that teach you how to start a freelance writing business. I teach people how to write and get started in freelance writing.

If you think freelance writing is a good way to make money for you and you want my help be sure to leave a comment below or go to the contact page to send me a message. I am interested in working with people who are truly serious about this type of side hustle or learning how to start a freelance writing business.

In the video below I sum all this up. Enjoy. Rate. Comment.