2104 Kia Soul Mom Review


For one week I had fun driving and reviewing the 2014 Kia Soul around town. I would have driven it out of town but it wasn’t exactly the right time to do that plus I was super busy.


The lovely people at Drive STI dropped off the car on a crisp and clear Tuesday afternoon. They handed me the keys and the magic began, or at least if felt like magic to me. The side mirrors automatically activated when I came to the car. Kinda freaky but it was cool at the same time.

I got the grand tour of the bells and whistles from front to back. It was so cool to learn how this 5-star rated vehicle could do so much.

A few weeks ago, my daughter received an acceptance letter from Auburn University! Time to raid the child’s college fund! But first a little back story.

We are so excited about this because she’s wanted to go there since she was around 12 years old! The application process was not too bad, but it did require that we sit down and give it careful thought. It required that we remember all of her accomplishments, both from an academic and extracurricular standpoint. I was up against of bit of resistance from her because she is quite modest and didn’t think flying a plane this summer or being on the Mock Trial team was a big deal. Duh!!! Yes it is sweetie pie!

Protect Black Boys from Police Brutality

With the recent cases of police brutality and murder it is important for me to educate my children, especially my 14 son about his rights.

I’ve been trying not to let it bother me or allow fear to over take me but it is hard not to feel some kind of way about the police. It is obvious that I’m an African-American woman and my son is the same color as me.

It is clear that he is more of a target than any other ethnicity. It is my job to coach him and ensure that he does not get unlawfully detained or end up in a morgue. The struggle, as they say, is real.

Its the holiday season and guess what? Its time to start planning your spring break and summer vacation. This is the time to get affordable (meaning cheap) entertainment tickets and memberships.

During this time of year you can grab memberships and season passes pretty cheaply. How?

AT&T Unite Pro by Netgear Review

I took the AT&T Unite Pro by NETGEAR for a test drive through the back roads of Georgia. Having a mobile hotspot was really sweet on a road trip.

Holiday Travel Boredom Buster Solution

In our high-tech world it’s easy to bust the boredom during holiday travel. Planes, trains, and automobiles are the perfect place to have a mobile hotspot on hand for all the mobile devices. Save the expense of connecting to a public or airport network or spotty connection with your own mobile hotspot.

UPDATE: Congratulations to Janice Miller  and Pam Whitlock for winning the tickets to the Paula Deen Holiday Show. Enjoy ladies!

She is a Southern food icon and she is coming to Atlanta next week. Paula Deen has had her ups and downs in the media, but one thing is for sure…she can cook her butt off!

I will be attending a luncheon as one of her special guests this week (pictures to come) so I’ll get to meet her in person. Unfortunately everyone can attend the luncheon but you can attend her live show here in Atlanta.