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Child support is one of the many thorns in a single mom’s flesh. Either you are not getting enough or not getting any at all. Why is it so hard to get what you need from you co-parent. Aside from the bitterness and baby-daddy drama you just have to be proactive and handle your business.

This guide will help you navigate through the child support jungle so you can get what you need for your child because it take more than love to raise them….it takes money too!

There are six basic steps to getting child support according to the Department of Health and Human Services’ Child Support Enforcement Handbook. Below are excerpts from that handbook to help you navigate through the process. If you would like the read the book yourself you may download it here –>> Child Support Enforcement Handbook

Six Steps to Child Support Enforcement

  1. Find a noncustodial parent: Location
  2. Establish legal fatherhood for children: Paternity
  3. Establish and maintain a fair, financial and medical support order: Obligation
  4. Enforce support orders: Enforcement
  5. Distribute the money that is collected: Distribution
  6. With Interstate, Tribal, and International Enforcement: Working across Borders

Every state has their own process so you must contact the right office for your area to find out the right procedures.

State Child Support Enforcement Offices

A list of child support enforcement offices for each state is available for you here. Contact them for more information about how to get child support. They will guide you through the process and point you to additional resources.

Click here for the list–>> State Child Support Enforcement Offices

International Child Support Information

Child Support Negotiation

Child support is one of the biggest complaints that many single mothers have right now. The ex won’t pay and the cost to take care of a child, not to mention more than one child, is skyrocketing. This one issue damages more children than can be numbered. Because single moms are stressed about finances they go on an emotional rampage against their ex, the world, and too often the kids.

Secrets of Winning the Child Support Wars: A Guide for Single Moms was written to offer a few reasonable solutions. This book doesn’t promise overnight miracles but it does provide strategies to get the support you need without going off on the deep end. Read an excerpt right now and order the book for the full details.

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