Self-Care for Single Moms eCourse

Self-Care for Single Moms by Rich Single Momma

Single moms are notoriously guilty for not taking care of themselves. I know because I struggle at times when my schedule fills to capacity and the kids are screaming for attention.

So self-care gets put on the back burner and we get burned. So if you have forgotten what it means to take care of yourself this course is for you.

For seven days you will get lessons in your email box that teaches you how to take care of yourself. You will learn:

*To get over self-care myths
*Ways to take care of your inner and outer being
*The importance of positive relationships
*How to prioritize your life
*The ultimate self-care technique
*The Self-care secret weapon

After you complete the course you will receive a free copy of the ebook version of 100 Secrets of Successful Single Motherhood. This book is filled with timeless tips that will motivate and encourage you live successfully.

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