Over the last 10 years, I’ve been a blogger in the mom blog/ lifestyle/ personal finance space. My reach is 100k+ across multiple networks. Not massive but not miniature either. I am the first single mom money blogger and I’ve worked with big and small brands on various campaigns.

I get email pitches every day that end up in the trash. Why? Because their pitches are self-serving trash! Yes, it sounds harsh but at the end of the day, I have to protect the integrity of the blog I built with blood, sweat, and tears. I also want to win too. Free stuff doesn’t pay my bills. #sorrynotsorry

FYI… Bloggers are not the same as journalist. We don’t get paid by a boss. We are the boss so we gotta make those coins too through paid promotions, placement, and advertising. Now that you have this background let me share my

7 Strategies to Win With Blog and Social Media Influencers

1. Start with knowing their name and niche.

Everyone loves the sound of their own name so, “Dear Mommy Blogger” gets trashed because you didn’t bother to find out my name. Does your Depend Underwear remotely fit with my makeup and lash blog? Umm, no! Know my niche before you pitch or your email gets ditched. 🤷🏽‍♀️

2. Offer value to them and their readers.

Remember the universal principle of WIFM (what’s in it for me?). It’s a real thing because nobody really cares about your product until you care about them.

3. Make their life easier.

Be clear about how you’d like to work together. It makes my brain hurt trying to figure out ambiguous emails. Spell it out. Be direct. If you reach second base, send what they ask for, respond within 24 hours, pay on time, read the guidelines.

4. Have a budget or irresistible offer (be prepared to pay to play).

It’s the reality of business. All serious businesses pay for promotion, right? Do you give your products and services for free as a business model? You’d be out of business in 6 months.

5. Promote the write-up.

Sharing on social media after you get a shoutout is the professional thing to do. You get extra points for adding my blog logo with link to the article to your, “As Seen On” section or media page.

6. Don’t expect free promotion (sorry I have to spell it out).

What have you done for me lately that entitles you to a free ride on the gravy train? 🤔 You have to pay to play outchea in these streets. You never know what $50-$150 can get you. Come with a check in hand instead of looking for a hand out. #thatisnotsexy

7. Make sure your product or service Educates. Inspires. Empowers.

If you give these things the money will follow because you gave the readers life-changing value. If it’s self-serving it gets passed over.

Educate a consumer and you gain a customer so teach them, give them advice, make their lives better. They will gladly buy your product because you showed them how it solves their problem. Understand?

Bonus: Build a relationship

Bloggers can be your biggest/ best advocates. Follow up. Work with them again. Use their services (writing, marketing, design, etc.). It might be a match made in heaven.

I hope this was helpful and gives you insight into working with Influencers.

It’s not rocket science so don’t complicate the process.

👉 I’m putting together a resource to help you even more. If you would like it, click the link below to tell me more about your business and I’ll send it to you when it’s ready. 😘 RichSingleMomma.com/influencers