20150223_131904Driving the Mitsubishi Mirage was a new and fun experience since I’ve never driven this brand.  For one week I drove it through wintry weather, rain, and sunshine.

I see driving as a sport more than a task so when I try out a new car I look for certain things. I like a solid feel, great handling, and extras.

The mirage is not exactly a sporty car, but it does have a cute sporty look. Inside was surprisingly spacious so my son’s long legs had plenty of room. 😉

It handled well and once it got to a higher speed it felt pretty solid. During the initial acceleration it felt like it was struggling a bit. I wasn’t impressed with that, but that is because I like speed. A calmer driver may not be impatient with that part.

Inside the car were the basics. Comfortable seats, as experienced on a two hour drive to pick up my mom. Those seats were manual but there were power locks and windows.

The trunk is great and spacious enough for groceries and maybe a few more packages. Not so much for luggage. You can get more space when you fold the seats down which is really easy to do.

This car is great for moms looking to buy an around town car, a new driver, or a college student. It’s a great car to teach your teen how to drive as there is not a lot of extra car to maneuver.

The gas mileage is decent with 37 City and 40 Highway miles per gallon. Filling it up will not break the bank which is great for the budget. The annual fuel cost is about $1300. Speaking of budget, the Mirage starts at $12,000.

I test drove a slightly souped up model that had GPS and upgraded audio system. That model starts at $15,000. Not bad for a first or around town car.