After my divorce, I was left with a few decisions to make. What to do with our shared possessions? Should I stay in the city or move back home? Should I keep my married name or go back to my maiden name? Will I sell my engagement ring to a pawn shop or Craigslist?

I decided to let him have everything he brought into the marriage. It was easier that way because I didn’t want any reminders of him. I decided to move back home. I went back to my maiden name (fortunately my kids weren’t his so that was not an issue). I decided to sell my engagement ring.

I know that for some people it is hard to let go of that beautiful diamond ring. It has sentimental value. It is worth a lot of money. You might even want to pass it down to your daughter or niece. But I have three simple reasons to let it go already!

3 Reasons to Finally Sell Your Diamond Engagement Ring

1. You will never wear your diamond engagement ring again without thinking about the end of your marriage.

The months and years leading up to the end of the relationship is never good. Admit it. So the sentimental value of the ring gets lost in the urge to possibly choke your ex to death because of the misery you feel. Sell the ring.

2. Can you honestly say your daughter or niece would really want to wear your old engagement ring?

They might think it’s cursed because it didn’t work for you so they can’t really think it would work for them. Sell the ring…

3. The value of your diamond engagement ring may have appreciated so you could get more than you believe.

Think of the ways you can spend the money… emergency fund, kid’s college fund, vacation, down payment on a house or car. The ring is valuable and it can be put to good use (and make some other starry-eyed bride-to-be happy) by creating new memories for you. Sell. The. Ring!!!

My Experience Selling My Engagement Ring


My experience with selling the ring wasn’t too complicated. I didn’t ask, “how can I sell my engagement ring for the most money.” I just took it to a pawn shop I saw many times before and told them to make me an offer. I didn’t even really haggle because I needed the money, so I basically accepted their first offer. Because the ring wasn’t too terribly expensive, I was happy to get something at all.

Now that I’m older (and wiser) and have better intel, I know that I probably could have gotten a lot more. With new services popping up all the time I could have gotten it appraised and held out for a much higher price. My state of mind at the time was to just get it over with. I wanted no reminders of that time in my life.


Sell Engagement Rings to Highest Bidder?

But what if I had a service that would appraise the ring for me and sell it to the highest bidder? What if I could mail the ring into a service that handles these types of sales at no cost to me? What if I could have gotten 10 times the money for the ring?

Back then there was no service like that, but I just found out about one called Worthy that appraises and auctions wedding rings to the highest bidder. I’m so jealous that divorced women can do that now. Lucky ladies!

Stress-free Way to Sell Engagement Ringsell-diamond-engagement-ring

The founder of Worthy, Benny De-Kalo, created the company to offer a stress-free experience for divorced women who want to sell their diamond engagement ring online for the highest possible price. He wants to make sure this process is handled by trained professionals so they get the best value and the most money from selling an engagement ring after divorce.

If I had this kind of service 10 years ago selling my engagement ring would have been such a wonderful process. I would have gotten so much more money that would have helped with my move, been put to an emergency fund, or went toward making the first Christmas without my Ex both beautiful and unforgettable.


Even though it wasn’t available for me, you can take full advantage of it. You just follow the steps on the website. You basically send in your ring at no cost after getting an estimate of its value. The gem experts assess the value of the stone (they have to remove it from the ring with your permission). After they appraise it they ask you what is the lowest price you will accept and then they put it up for auction. They do not get paid until your ring is sold. The fees range from 5% to 20% depending on the sale price of the ring. It’s that easy! Why wasn’t this service available 10 years ago 🙁

Do you have an engagement or wedding ring set locked away? Are you ready to get rid of it but get the most money from the sale? Are you ready to move on with your life? Check out the site, submit your ring, and start your life over again on your terms.