Back in June I spoke about Mastering Your Money Mindset at the Arise Ministries Survive ‘n Thrive conference. In part of my talk I discussed financial stress and child support challenges.

The video below is an excerpt from that segment. I’ve written posts about the child support issue before. It is challenging to hear but is a very necessary conversation to have if you want to get past the financial stress and into financial freedom.

Read the book listed below on this topic where I share more details about what to do if you currently fighting for child support. The details below will help you make the decision to get the book or stay in a negative situation.

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How to Win Child Support (or Walk Away and Be Financially Free)

  • Are you tired of fighting for child support and struggling financially?
  • Want to know the secrets to getting the support you need to raise your child without the financial drama?
  • Looking for help moving from financial dependence on a deadbeat to financial independence using resources that are available to you?

It’s time to download this ebook and discover how you can finally be financially free.

The truth is you can have 10 times more money by being financially free than you can by fighting for child support.

Download How to Win Child Support (or Walk Away and Be Financially Free) now to learn how.

Inside this ebook you will learn:

  • How Manage Your Finances During Divorce
  • 5 Reasons Why Fighting for Child Support is a Lost Cause
  • How to Move Past Anger and Live Like a Queen
  • How to ignore your baby daddy?
  • Why Child Support Dependence is a Financial Dead End

You will also get this Special Bonus:

  • Scripts for asking for child support (and how to talk to the father)

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