singlemomsrockWhen I first heard about the internet and got online, one of the first things I searched out were websites for single moms. At the time there were very few and it seemed that the trend was a long way from picking up. Today there are quite a few, not as many as the mom sites, but they are increasing. The mom sites have sections for single moms and that’s okay but they do not really serve the needs of single moms as well as a dedicated site can.

Single mom websites can be categorized into three or four categories. There are the standard websites with articles, links, resources and maybe a forum. Then there are the single mom blogs (I covered a few last week), and there are the social networking sites that allow the members to be more interactive.

This week I will focus on the standard websites and social networking sites. Standard websites, though useful, are not as regularly visited as the new social networking sites. It seems that we just want to be more interactive. I hope you will stop buy and visit during your free time.

SingleRose (Website and Social Network)
This site is one of the first websites for single moms online. It was the first site I saw when I came online. Tammy is a great person and is dedicated to creating a place where all single moms can feel welcome.
The website is basically a resource website for single moms. They also feature articles from professionals though they are not necessarily single parents.

Making Lemonade

This site is another first for single moms online. Jodi has been at this for years and was one of the first to prove that our circumstances don’t have to be hard always.

This is the Official site of the National Organization of Single Mothers, Inc.
I Heart Single Parents

Are you a member of I Heart Single Parents yet? It’s a great place for single parents, moms and dads, to hang out and discuss the joys and pains of single parenting.

This website features housing alternatives for single moms. There is a blog as well but the main purpose of the site is to be a resource for single moms who want or need a roommate to help with housing expenses.

These are some of the best and oldest websites online. They are pretty full-featured and gave me the idea and courage to start a site of my own and start blogging. I’m thankful for them!