A little while ago I gave some thought to start an ironing service. I actually like ironing better than any other clothing maintenance tasks. It all started with my dad who taught me how to iron his shirts and pants to a crisp. The starch had to be heavy so that the pants would stand up on their own, lol. So ironing is a must in my house because I can’t have my kids going out like they just stepped out of a trash bag.

My mom used to work for a laundry service a few years ago. She did the garment mending within the establishment and saw how profitable the business was. The basic clientele were businessmen and women. The just don’t time to do their own laundry or don’t know how. This is a great business to start if you live in or near an area where there are a lot of businesses.

So what would you do? How would you get business? In the beginning you would need to post flyers in fitness centers, grocery store, and office complexes. You might even get the business relationship person in human resources to post an ad in the offices.

You will have to develop a system to pick-up and drop off the clothes. In addition to ironing clothes you may offer mending services such as sewing on buttons, repairing rips, and hemming pants and skirts if you have the skills.

Though at first look this side hustle seems demeaning, there are individuals that make good money taking care of other people’s laundry.