How a Single Mom Manifested $9k in Less Than 9 Days

How a Single Mom Manifested $9k in Less Than 9 Days

How I Manifested 9k in 9Daysv7Last year I was broke and needed money to cover my rent and other expenses. I was not getting assignments on my job and other contracts had dried up. I had to request an extension on all my bills.

I was beginning to feel desperate but I knew that would do no good. Despite all the amazing things I had going on, it was not enough from a skill and talent point of view to meet my financial obligations. It seemed nothing I did was working or at least not working on time.

I decided to pray about it and keep doing what I was doing in my normal routine. I wrote blog posts. I looked for work. I sent out newsletters. I connected with family and friends. Ironically, I didn’t ask or want to ask any of them for help. Chalk it up to my stubborn pride…

My thinking was to do all I could to get the money I needed for my expenses. I stopped myself from doing extraordinary things to force the money to come. I knew I needed to relax and attract the money I wanted. I would need a miracle and despite all odds I had to believe a miracle could happen. I kept praying and applying my faith as much as possible.

A Solutions I Could Try
One day I was online and came across a free Udemy course that was about goal setting. The instructor described the technique he used to set goals and reach them in a short time. I thought about my situation and decided it would not hurt to set a money goal using this technique.

I watched the training again and did what it said step by step. The simplicity of it was too good to be true, but the consistency was important if it was to work.

This is how I manifested $9k in less than 9 days.

I decided how much I needed and the date by which I needed it. I took a notebook and wrote a future goal statement. This means I wrote my goal as if it were already fulfilled.

I wrote my goal as follows:
“On January 20, I receive $2k or better to pay my rent and bills. Yes!”

Here is how I started writing the goal:


It was a rough start; quite disjointed but it became clearer as I kept working with it. I finally decided what I wanted and could write it with amazing clarity in my prayer goal.

This year I decided to share my secrets to manifesting not just money but a man, a new place to call home and other miracles. All of this manifested for me within a few months. I believe it would have happened sooner if I had been as diligent as I was the first time I tried it.

You Can Try it Too!
When you read about this technique you are going to do either one of two things; laugh and dismiss it or sit up and pay attention then try it yourself. Whichever choice you make you should know that you can manifest whatever you want with this surprisingly simple technique.

What are some of the things you need right now?

  • Money
  • Car
  • Medical Bills Paid
  • New home
  • A great relationship
  • A new career

Every last one of these things could be yours if you just follow the instructions my new guide!

I made it simple to read and follow the instructions. I’ve also included pictures of what I manifested and the screenshots of how I did it.

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You have absolutely nothing to lose by trying this techniques. Order the guide to get all the details now and start manifesting more money tomorrow!

6 Ways to Turn Up the Volume Your Bank Account

6 Ways to Turn Up the Volume Your Bank Account

Are you still running out of money before the month is up? What about your savings account? Is it just a fantasy you hope will come true one day?

This used to be my life but fortunately I changed my money mindset and now I have a surplus and less stress.

So how can you get to this point in your life?  Would you like to learn 6 Ways to Turn Up the Volume on Your Bank Account? I encourage you to listen up.

I was invited by my friend Sarah Aderson over at Mom-in-Chief Lounge and Arise Single Mom Conference to share my secrets of how to attract wealth in your life.

The class is called Master Your Money Mindset: 6 Ways to Turn Up the Volume on Your Bank Account. The amazing thing is the class is now available as the Master Your Money Mindset paid course.

In the class you will:

  1. Understand the only constant is change

  2. Learn How to Subtract to multiply

  3. Explore the Money Cycle

  4. Recognize your absolute value

  5. Embrace your freedom of choice

  6. Attract wealth

If you want your life to move in a positive direction and discover how to have more financial freedom head over to listen to this class. Listen to the end to hear about my special offer.

The regular price for this class is $25 but if you enter the discount code money you can get $15 off! So you only pay $10 for the course.

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