Making 2013 the year of living fabulously does not require jumping through hoops. Personally I hate jumping through hoops, walking on eggshells, or any other kind of extreme, anxiety-producing acrobats. Making this year phenomenal is about setting simple goals (no more than 3 please) and doing something each day to make it happen.

So here are a few steps, plus an example of what I did to set myself up to have a fearless and fabulous year.

How to Create a Fearless and Fabulous Year

Step 1 – remember, write, give thanks for 2012’s accomplishments, breakthroughs, and successes

Step 2 – think about, write down, give thanks for what you will try, achieve, and succeed in 2013

Step 3 – get a guide or partner to cheer you on through each goal

Step 4 – do it and document each accomplishment, success, and breakthrough

Example from the Pages of my Journal:

Step 1 – I am thankful for writing my book, No More Crumbs. It was a combination success and breakthrough for me. I’m thankful I’ve lived my goal for the year which was love and liberation. I learned what it means to truly love and live in freedom. I’m in the process of reconciling past relationships even though the process was painful.

Step 2 – I’m thankful for the wonderful cruise, cross country trip, and world travel my kids and I will take. I’m thankful for all the people I will help in my coaching programs. I’m thankful for the classes I will teach to help people succeed. I’m thankful for completing my certification course. I’m thankful the love of my life will manifest.

Step 3 – My guide is willing and available to me. I will get a coach to cheer me on and check in twice a month. I will start or join a mastermind group to keep me accountable.

Step 4 – I will do it and document it on my blog and in my journal.

Now it’s Your Turn

You can outline your year of living fabulously the way I did or in a different way. Some ideas include:

  • Making a list
  • Creating a vision board
  • Journaling

However you decide to do it, make it something you will enjoy and follow through with.

Are you ready to declare 2013 as your year of living fearlessly and fabulously? Want to chat with me online for a free planning session? Leave a comment below and let me know the best day and time for you.

During the planning session I will take you step by step through the process again and answer your questions. Bring your question, a pen , and paper. I will also be available to be your cheerleader through the year to keep you motivated so you can live fabulously all year long!