Have you ever asked yourself “Why am I on this roller coaster ride? How do I get off?” What can you do to silence the nagging voice that keeps whispering in your ear “just quit”? Despite having faith and juggling life, as a single mom, there will be times that feel like everything is suffocating you. This does not indicate weakness. This is life—the life of a single parent. While I have no silver bullet that will help you defeat trying times, I do have a set of invaluable coping strategies that will empower you on your journey.

These are the 5 coping strategies:

  1. Crying-Purge set some things free

As much as crying yourself to sleep at night will bring no positive result or qualified answers to the problem that you are facing in the moment, it is still effective. Crying is a purging process that ultimately relieves some of the heaviness you carry daily.

  1. Faith- You have to have something you believe in and that fills you up

Having faith to know and believe that no matter what is happening in your life there is something greater than you and will never fail you is critical. Believe in the power of the universe to hold you up, show you the way, and open up closed doors when you have met the end of your own strength.

  1. Quiet Time- Rest your mind, Reclaim your power and Rejuvenate your spirit

As a single mother, a lot is asked of you. You give until you have nothing left in you. Take the appropriate time to sort things out and to spend some time alone relaxing your mind.

  1. Self-Improvement-Feed yourself positivity. Feed Your Mind

It is critical that you as a single mother do not stop growing and becoming better. It keeps your mind alert and continues to open up the door to opportunities to offer more to your children. And let’s be honest, it is good to lead by example.

  1. Devotion/Meditation- Tap into your inner core

My favorite scripture is “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” from Philippians 4:6. Whether it is to run over, step over, climb over, roll over, or even crawl over the mountains before you, it has to be done; quitting is never the only option. Single mother’s you must pull out your mantra/verse and recite it with unwavering belief to produce the inner strength and power to make it a little longer.

These strategies are a starting point for overcoming the “I quit” syndrome. You have no barriers or boundaries except the ones you create. Single mother’s, you will never be faultless or handle every situation the right way, but you can give your best. You are more than you think you are and can go much further than you know. Be confident and be bold. You must have faith to know that you are chosen, equipped, and ready to change the face of the next generation. You have to release “I quit” in order to receive “I can”.

 About the Author

Grayce Bernard is the founder of IMPAC, Inc. and the author of the book: Raising Giants-Repurposing the Life of the Single Mother. She helps women break the cycle of generational poverty to build wealth by creating a life plan and step into a bigger vision of herself.  C. Grayce serves as a voice and advocate for the voiceless. She specifically helps single mothers reframe their stories of shame into stories of empowerment. C. Grayce Bernard is a coach, speaker, trainer and transformational leader. Book C. Grayce Bernard for your upcoming event at443.364.8789 or email: cgb@cgraycebernard.com.  Connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram