Is having self-care very important to all of us. Yes, of course it’s very important for each of us to have a self-care because it will result in having a physically fit mind and body and it will lead us to a happy and healthy lifestyle. Therefore, you need to prioritize your life to prevent being overwhelmed and you must determine the five important areas in your life like yourself, your children, career, social life, church, volunteering or etc.

The first thing you need to do is to order your priorities from the most to least important then, within each; decide what activities you normally engage in then prioritize those.  And if it is not a priority, say ‘no ‘and try to decide later if it is worth adding to your list of priorities. When you feel overwhelmed simple step back and walk away or run for a little while to prevent mental and emotional overload. Take a day off to regroup your life and mind and to make it possible take a half-day off if a whole day is possible and then those few hours will do wonders for your soul and lastly you must use the time to pamper yourself.

Remember that when mommy feels good everyone feels good too, right? So dream high, set attainable goals and decide when, where, and how to track your effort to reach them.  You must maintain positive friendships and never forget the old ones and never be afraid to make new ones. And you have to realize the freedom in independent decisions and try to learn from your mistakes to avoid repeating them in the future and you will see that you have save yourself from much aggravation. And if you have made some mistakes to yourself or to other people try to forgive yourself and move on because forgiving yourself will releases the guilt and allows you to move-on with a positive way.

The next step you need to do is to follow your unique path by making things that you enjoy most because all work and no play make life much too stressful and you need to pamper yourself more often by lavishing yourself with wonderful smelling fragrances, taking a bubble bath, getting a massage or nails done or any other inexpensive things that may suite you and relax you.

You should also remember not to get hard to yourself because we are all just human being so it simply means that we are not perfect so we must accept it and try to move ahead after each of our failure. And lastly you need to find your personality style because discovering your personality style is the first step in discovering who you are.