Ever wonder why you can’t get ahead financially?

Wondering why your bills are piling up, your bank account is low, and you continue to struggle for the basic necessities of life?

Wonder why you can’t take the trips you want, can’t buy a newer, better car?

This is happening because you haven’t learned the law of use and circulation.

Author and metaphysician, Florence Scovel Shinn puts it this way:

“Money is God in manifestation, as freedom from want and limitation, but it must always be kept in circulation and put to right uses.”

So your money has to always be in circulation and never hoarded. There should be no fear in letting it go out, because like a refreashing river of water that must have an outlet to thrive, so your money must have an outlet.

This is I call the Money Cycle. It simply means that money flows in and out of my life when I freely give to others, express gratitude, and get money back. 

Applying the money cycle to your life could have a similar affect. It requires releasing all fear and anxiety over money. It might be hard but with practice you can do it. 

You can learn more about the Money Cycle in the upcoming teleclass called Your Right to be Rich. Are you ready to be a part of this revolution? Are you ready to learn how to apply the law of cause and effect, the law of giving and receiving, the law of reciprocity, the law of attraction, and the law of abundance to your life?