A lot of times, we as a nation are unable to look outside mainstream products and services. We tend to end up missing better opportunities for ourselves and our family when we follow the crowd, or “do as we are told”. One of the things that America struggles with is finding a secure bank or “cheap” bank to put our money in. Putting your money in a “safer” and “free” place is to your best interest.

Joining a Credit Union can help avoid outrageous bank fees and limitations of how much money you need to have in your own account. Banks are notorious for finding a reason to nickel and dime you, and most times there are penalties and fees. This, most times, is due to the fact that banks make money off of your money by lending it out to others through loans; how unfair is that?! Sometimes a credit union may be available through your employer, your state, or your school, like Georgia’s Own Credit Union and The Delta Credit Union with Delta Airlines.

Wouldn’t it be nice to hold on to ever cent that you earn instead of handing it over to someone else? Why be charged to save money and earn money? If you follow these steps, you will be on a better track to becoming financially fit!